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The Psychological Aspect of Plastic Surgery




Well,, it's only 9 days away from my scheduled LBL at Cosmed. Several friends have asked why I wanted to do this,, like nobody see's me naked and just deal with it. But, I know all that stuff. To me,, it's all about me. When I look into the mirror, I'll always see a fat guy and I'll probably think that for a long time. Friends tell me that I look good and that I shouldn't loose any more weight, they tell me that I don't look like I need a LBL and are wondering WTF. But I hide it well,, under my clothes hides the reminder that I once was a fat guy. One time in my life I tipped the scales at 360lbs, now I'm down to 200lbs. People don't get to see the damage that has taken place over the years. I'm hoping that the LBL will close a large chapter of my life. Then when I walk by the mirror, buck ass naked, that reminder won't be there anymore. I can say that being lapbanded 2 years ago has probably saved my life and was the smartest thing I ever done. Now with the LBL, psychologically I'll see myself as a new, fit and trim person,, looking to the future and leaving that fat guy in the past.


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That is probably the best reason I can think of for you to go forward with LBL, Dolittle. You've worked this hard to get this far, you've earned it! Can't wait to hear how you feel after healing!


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