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In Tijuana




Today I'm in Tijuana,, First stop was the OCC and a warm welcome from all the staff. They have added some new people and some have left,, So I got to meet the new and took pictures of the new people to post here at the forum. I'll do that when I get back home in a week. I did see that everyone is wearing uniforms now,, that's different from when I was last here in May. Today was Rene's birthday,, so there was a little party. My main concern was since I'm having a LBL tomorrow, I needed to talk to Dr. Martinez about my lapabnd saline level and my port. He decided we needed to pull .5cc's out of my band. Come to find out, I had 2.2cc's in my band when I thought I had 2.4cc's,, so now I'm down to 1.7cc's. Dr. Martinez's concern was the LBL surgery was going to make me retain fluid and this could create a problem with everything swelling up inside of me and I'd end up with more restriction then I'd like. As far as the port goes,, He felt Dr. Quiroz would move my port and bury it a little deeper. Dr. Martinez has seen Dr. Quiroz's work and knows Dr. Quiroz will do a fine job of moving my port. As usual,, everyone at the OCC was great. I'm done here,, so now its off to the Lucerna. I quick check into the Lucerna and drop our bags in the room and head over to the Cosmed Clinic and meet up with Joyce,, Dr. Quiroz's coordinator, she's a real sweety. Filled out some paper work and back to the Lucerna for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow I have to be at the Cosmed at 8am.. The big day... YIKES! I don't know if I'll be up to posting tomorrow or not,, we'll see.



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