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Almost 3 months after surgery, down 30 pounds




:D I'm now down 30 pounds! Yeah! It's been coming off very slowly, but at least it's coming off!

I've had one fill so far, and will go for another after Thanksgiving.

Must say I can't stomach protein shakes any more. If I have to fast, I'll use the Unjury Chicken Soup flavored packet. That what I used before and after my fill.

I found an awesome new food product at the store. It's Phillips Steam In Bag Shrimp. It comes in different varieties. One bag contains two servings of shrimp. One serving is 22 grams of protein!

To get protein in at lunch time, I will have a "Think Thin" bar. They have 20 grams of protein. And I'll have a small cup of chicken (Healthy Request) soup.

Enough ramblings for now..... :) Hope my fellow banders are doing great!



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Hurrah for you! My doctor put me on a great product after my surgery. It is Monavie and has all the nutrients, protein etc without the calories. You should try it -it is amazing! Monavie-losangeles dot com

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checked out web site... kinda high price... how long does a bottle last? How much do you drink? What is the difference between bottle and gel if you know... could not find much info on how and how much to use... thanks for any info you may have

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