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Who am I and why am I here?




Hello to all visitors; casual and accidental browsers or well-directed people with interest.As my first post, I thought I should explain who I am, why I am blogging and what you should expect to see here.My name is Ben. I am overweight. In fact, I am told - morbidly obese. Lovely.I have taken the decision that on 27th February 2009, after many years of being on the roller coaster ride to early retirement from life (actually, forget "roller coaster ride" and make that "wheelchair ride" - I can't pretend that at this level of activity it would relate to anything akin to a fairground ride...not even the Teacups!) that I am finally going to do something that will make me a healthy weight for once and for all.The reasons for my decision for surgery like this lie in many mental battlefields. Not least, the two decades of diets that fell flat on their backsides - fuelled by more over and under the counter chemical help than a Colombian Baron could muster.Some will say I have given up and taken the easy way out - a myth that I will bust in the best myth-busting fashion that I can muster over the coming months. Others will applaud and say that the time was right. Either way, I intend to have my say here and publish my thoughts as an when I have them.My writings will mainly be my own soul searching and psychological meanderings. I will attempt to explain my decision, mark my progress and say things that I find hard to discuss even with my closest friends, family or partner. If they want to hear about my feelings on the matter - this is where they will come.Initially, I won't be telling anybody apart from those who need to know about the decision for surgical help - as I am coming to terms with it myself and don't intend the weeks before the operation to be filled with stress and explanation. But eventually I will tell or they will find out. And this is where they can get the full story.So, here I am and that is why...My Blog - Banded BenMy Site - Benedict Francis



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