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Moving right along.




Well, turns out the loan officer had the debt to income ratio wrong. So the loan went through! I have scheduled my surgery and booked airline tickets. My mom has decide to come along with me. I love my mom for that. (Although I really to believe I will be just fine solo.)

What's new!

I got the book Lab Band for Life! So now I am wanting to read it!

Booked airline tickets for mom and I!

Sent my deposit yesterday.

Sent my flight detail.

Confirmed hotel reservations at the Marriott.

Started my pre-op diet yesterday!~

Pre-op diet. I did fairly good yesterday. I had my shake for breakfast, and lunch. Ate a "normal" dinner. By normal I mean not pre-op diet normal. That didn't make me feel very sucessful. The good news is I fought the urge to get up and eat in the middle of the night. That is a victory! Yay! So I am taking the good with the bad.

I realize how important this is, the pre-op diet and the first 21 days after the surgery. Doesn't mean I don't have to fight to do my best. Progress!

I have to say I am not a fan of "drinking" my meals. I've not ever done the slim fast diet. So this is an adjustment in it's self. I figure a month and a half of liquids will not hurt me one bit. I can do this!

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

I am a cheater by nature. So, I need to be accountable.

To close this entry, I have a buddy! Dan and I are getting banded days apart, so we are going to support each other. He is very nice and I hope we get along well as we build a friendship!



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