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Here is a list of items I packed for the trip.

Liquid Tylenol

Gas-X strips / Beano drops

Unisom sleep melts (I have trouble sleeping)

Neosporin plus pain relief

Heating Pad

Thermal care (for the flight home)

Benefiber powder

Stool softener

BlackBerry and charger.

Book to read.

Cashiers Check

Paperwork/Health survey.

Green Tea to go ( I am taking a few of each kind.)

Crystal Light plus protein to go

Special K Protien water to go.

Wyler's Instant boullion Chicken "granules"

(Very handy to have, I would order a pot of hot water and viola!)

Cloths (comfortable)


Swim suit

Make-up / Toiletries

Walking shoes / socks

Flip flops

Light jacket

1$ and $5 for tipping


I did not use the following items from the list.

Neosporin plus pain relief

Thermal care (for the flight home) DID NOT BUY TO TAKE WITH ME.

Benefiber powder

Stool softener

Book to read.

Swim suit - we didn't have time.

Light jacket - I forgot at home, it was cool but not to bad.

I hope this helps you with your planning! I stayed at the Marriott and they did provide boyd wash, shampoo, conditioner. I still brought my own. I packed light, yes this is light! I had plenty of room for the items I brought home that I bought shopping! Fun!



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