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3 weeks = 14lbs




ok I seem to be counting down!!!

week 1 8#s

week 2 4#'s

week 3 2 #'s

yes this totals 14 pounds but I dont like the way this is heading!

I went to get a fill yesterday and even though finding the port was no problem he couldnt seem to get any fill IN. so he is wondering if it is on its side or flipped or what. So now I have to go get an exray to find out if it is tilted or what! so I can get filled.

I can tell I have been eating more (an slice of pizza instead of a 1/2 like I was) and I am hungery every 2 hours or so. I am looking at having to get a pasport and going back to my surgeon in TJ.

I dont know how I could have messed it up??????

Is there some kind of indicator that the port flipped? I though it was sown into place.

hmmmmmm, so I need to try harder and make better food choices. I garden and am outside ALOT with the kids unless it is raining. I cant stand the EXCERXIZE ROUTINE thing! I wouldnt have got the lapband if I didnt ned the help.

but maybe 14lbs inst tooo bad, it has only been 3 weeks. I was just hoping for 5lbs a week for atleast the first month or so....

well , here we go!



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