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Oh Glorious Restriction!




So I had my 3rd fill and drum roll please......I have restriction. It has been almost 2 weeks and I am happy to report the level may have dropped a bit, but shazam! RESTRICTION!!!

I am eating less!

I am either not eating at night or eating very little!

The scale is moving! I am so happy and hope this fill will last for a little while. *crosses fingers*

I have lost 25 glorious pounds! Woo woo!

It is hard to not have restriction, to have to wait a month between fills.

Joined 24 hr fitness. Went for the 1st time last night. Didn't check the schedule and they had water arobics class. So I got in the hot tub, and the steam room. Went home early. I was bummed but oh well. Not ready for the class yet. My ankle is pretty sore from last night. Bums me out, but hey.....at least I have started.

Jim is supportive of my membership, but I can tell he doesn't really like me going. For a few reasons. hmmm

One thing I love is the "me" time. I LOVE being a wife and a mother, but I want to have some left for me too. I do notice I feel guilty for going, but I think that will pass. I know this is a good thing. I need it.



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