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Brownies, Cake, Non Scale Victory - Oh my!




I am pleased to share my newest reality. A little while ago, I made a pan of brownies. We were having company and the brownies where for desert. I had to toss out the last few brownies because they were old!!! Yes, that is right....old. Before the band, nothing got old at our house.....nothing.

Over the weekend I made a chocolate cake. I am pleased to say that my husband has eaten more of the cake than I have. Yes! Now, that is another change. Let me confess and share that pre-band, I would have eaten most of the cake. (not to forget to mention, that it would have taken me a 2-3 day time frame to do it in.) Yep, I was that person, the one who was a cake hog. Get your fill now, cuz it will be gone before you go for your second piece of cake. I am so grateful to not have that horrible feeling anymore. YES! I love these victories!

Now, when we have the handy dandy Hamburger Helper. We have left overs! Yes, that is right, left overs. I love it!

I am tickled pink.



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