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End of Week 14: October 26, 2012



I lost 2 lbs this week! I feel very happy about that. I learned a lot from last week and kept the cheese down to just 1 meal and the grease out of it. It never ceases to amaze me how much grease and cheese can trip you up. It might sound obvious, but just witnessing my body as it changes and went up then held steady then dropped, I realized that is a lot of time to spend waiting for the effects of cheese and grease to go away. Too much precious time.

I am still taking prunes daily. They are my daily regiment and thanks to those dark beauties I have not had a problem with constipation. I continue to get my liquids in and feel like that is a very important part of this process. I have been drinking 72 ozs of liquids a day. 32 of that is pure water and 40 ounces of that is vitamin water or sobe life water. Wow those flavors are amazing. I have yet to drink one that I didn't like. What is amazing to me is how much my taste buds have changed.

In the beginning, I needed to drink something heavy in acids like soda to draw the most flavor out of it. That was the level of 'numbness' my taste buds were at. When I first went on liquids and drank the vitamin water, acai berry, my taste buds translated it as a subtle flavor. I liked it, but it was really subtle. Now when I drink vitamin water, acai berry, lemonade, the flavors are very flavorful, robust, not subtle at all. I had to detoxify the harsh acidic things I was feeding to my poor inundated buds to get them to fully get the full flavor of vitamin waters. Now if I have cranberry juice I definitely have to cut it with water or it makes my ears pop! I feel very proud of myself to be at the point to do this.

I have found the pleasure of cooking at home. I love making healthy food to serve myself and my man. We both eat healthy and as a result, he has lost a load of weight without the surgery. He is now at his ideal weight. I feel proud that my decision to have this surgery has positively impacted our health as a couple. We are both much more active and I just went down another size in clothes! I will never get tired of the sensation of wearing a pair of jeans having them fit if a bit snug and then weeks later pulling them away from me for inches because I have undergrown them. This was the best decision I made for myself in my life. On to week 15.


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