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  3. Hello Jim, How did your surgery go? How are you doing now? Take care, Ashleigh
  4. I agree with Lindsey Tanner when she said that, "Teens should be able to discuss every option with their doctor, and surgery should be one of those options." So well put, in the article, it also explored the life of Faith Newsome struggling with a 42 BMI. After surgery, she began to life her life like a normal teen and was able to get a prom dress, play sports, and became happier overall in life. Newsome had participated in a case study titled, "Hearing Their Voices: Exploring the Patient Narratives of Adolescent and Young Adults Who Have Undergone Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery—A Case Series". This study concluded that, "...MBS leads to significant improvement in health status via decreased mortality and improved health related quality of life..." We should keep this opportunity open to other young adult who desperately desire to make a change in their life. Keeping options available Johnson, Veronica, Kayla A. Northam, RN, BSN, Joice J. Smith, BA, Faith Anne Newsome, BA, Gricelda Gomez, MD, MPH, & Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA. " Hearing Their Voices: Exploring the Patient Narratives of Adolescent and Young Adults Who Have Undergone Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery—A Case Series." Medical Research Archives [Online], 9.5 (2021): n. pag. Web. 12 Jul. 2021
  5. For over seven years, I have been over 250lbs. Going up stairs makes my knees click with each step and the sheer weight has hampered me from enjoying life. In fact last year, I was invited to Universal Studios with friends and had a terrible experience. I went to sit in a roller coaster there and my hips couldn't fit in the normal seat. The employee was nice about it and told me they had 'extended size' seats available. I couldn't fit there either and I just wanted to hide away to pretend my heart wasn't broken; I laughed it off to hide my shame and embarrassment. I often use humor to hide just how embarrassed I would be in situations like that. When I would go shopping, I would always have this voice in the back of my head that would say, "I hope I fit into something here" and oftentimes I would buy an item that I kind of liked because it was the only thing I could fit in. All the while, my friend trying on all sorts of fun outfits and choosing what they really loved because of course, they looked wonderful in it. Healthy people look good in everything they try on. I feel throughout the West, we are glorifying obesity and in a sad attempt to normalize always being in pain, always needing more space in an aircraft seat or some modification so we could squeeze uncomfortably into it. Always trying to normalize what hasn't been normal throughout all of human history. My stomach would churn when I would see an 'influencer' talk about how much they love being obese. Because I don't love it. In fact, I am over it. Over always looking for the largest size of everything and hoping it would fit. I reached a point where I was using a spoon to dig myself into a grave. Bite by bite, I was adding inches around my waist. Nobody ever said anything mean to me about it and I walked blindly into reaching size 20 and everything looking terrible on my body. I reached a point where I no longer wore jeans, I wore leggings and sweatpants and shirts were no longer fitted, they were flowy and had big flowers on it... And never any horizontal stripes. Growing up, I was praised for being in the 'clean plate club' and was rewarded with lollipops for clearing everything on my plate. I was reminded over and over that there are starving kids in Africa. That somehow if I finished everything and we wasted no food that I would make a difference in that starving African kid's life. I was bombarded by environmentalist that would preach about not throwing food away because it is wasteful, I so I tried to save the earth by eating everything I had. At restaurants, I would feel bad for not finished my plate and felt shameful asking for a box lest I waste the other pound of pasta on my plate. I would tell myself, I will eat this tonight when I started to digest the food I had earlier. Then 1am would roll around and I was eating a pound of cold pasta drenched in Alfredo sauce out of styrofoam box in a dim refrigerator light. Was this what life was all about? constantly feeling guilty? Constantly overeating so I didn't waste anything? Absolutely not. I wanted more out of life that wasn't food. Back in March 2021, I began researching weight loss surgeries, the cost, and making a real plan to change my life for the last time. This time, I didn't just make a decision after an awful binge, I make it over the course of three months. I started tracking how much I was actually eating in a day and what a portion size really is. I am currently following the Extended Pre-Op diet which includes lean proteins, veggies and healthy fats. I still want to have sugar and carbs, but I am making a conscious decision to say, "My goals are bigger than this current feeling or craving". In September, I am scheduled to have the gastric sleeve surgery. I plan to update this forum post with my journey planned in September of 2021. I hadn't seen much updated and wanted to keep the page alive. I can't wait to see what is yet to come with this surgery. I trust I will have a successful surgery and recovery will be quick. Is there anyone else also scheduled in September? I'd love to hear your feedback and experiences. I hope each one of you has a wonderful week! Take Care!
  6. There's not much going on with the forums right now. I am scheduled in January 2021, as I need to lose another 50 pounds before they do my surgery.
  7. I'm waiting, surgery date is January 7th, and I have to admit that this is perhaps the biggest thing I worry about. During the Covid lockdown, an untenable situation existed with me being practically tethered to my kitchen. At least when I went to work every day, I was getting out of the house, and didn't have the opportunity to eat all of the time. I went from 435 to 482. I couldn't believe it! I was almost 500 pounds!!! I started Keto back in May, and since then I have lost almost 50 pounds, but the worst part of any eating plan is that over years of massive overeating, my stomach has stretched out badly! I am voraciously hungry almost all the time, except maybe when I am sleeping. But even then, sometimes I wake up to use the bathroom, and end up in the kitchen. I don't eat anything, but I wander in there, just to see what's happening. You know, since I went to bed. I live in fear of cheating on the diet, and I've actually had a cheat day and it kicked things into gear. I've also had a cheat day, which turned into cheat week, and cheat month, and then not only have I gained all of my unwelcome pounds back from before, but then it brings all of its weird relatives to stay as well. My brother went to OCC and had the sleeve surgery, and he lost over 100 pounds, and put back about 20 pounds, but he's settled into his new normal some 3 years post surgery. In life, I have found if you watch success closely, you can learn great things. Success in business teaches me to move up the ladder; success in money teaches me how to invest better; and success in weight loss teaches me how to stay on target. I'm proud of my brother, and watching him start living his life again has been a great thing. He has been talking to me about weight-loss surgery for a while now, and I've been researching my options. Keto has been good, in that it has gotten me to a point where I am eating cleaner. I purchase my meats from a local butcher, and will spend the money for grass fed. I buy in quantity and freeze it to save a few bucks. I no longer drink sodas of any kind. I've eliminated processed food and sugar from my daily eating. Now that the OCC nutritionist wants me to get down to 390 before surgery, I am following Lucia's menu guidelines, but it's hard!! With Keto, portion control was not as important as managing metrics. Now, I am cleansing and losing weight in preparation for this surgery. I don't drink alcohol any more (thank God!! Quit 35 years ago), so that helps immensely. I can do structured eating. Diet plans and formulas make sense to me... I'm an engineer, so I can live with a process if it makes sense to me. I think my mind is right, and my food choices are becoming habits, but still the "what if..." questions loom overhead. Portioning is going to be my nemesis. Anyway, it's good to be here, and I hope to learn more about living the good life after surgery. -jim
  8. You should be concentrating on your pre-op diet. Then starting some sort of exercise regime till surgery and after surgery. Remember,, what you do before and after surgery is is key to your success.
  9. I am scheduling my VSG surgery for November. Any advice on what I should do until then? It seems so long from now and I'm anxious to DO something!
  10. If that doesn't help you, The OCC offers a procedure that surgically resizes the pouch. The ObesityControlCenter.com website can give you more details.
  11. Thank you very much! I have not seen anything abt that before. I printed it and will start tomorrow with the soup. It makes sense, too. has anyone tried this? thanks again!!
  12. There are a few of these reset diets out there on the web. For some reason,, I can't get the reset diet loaded on the OCC forum. Just Google "Sleeve Reset" or "Pouch reset" or go to the OCC website/Facebook support groups and search.
  13. I am almost 3 years out and starting to regain too. It is completely emotional eating that I am trying to get under control. The pandemic certainly isn’t helping. I have been to a therapist a while ago to help which only helped a little bit. It is very depressing when it starts to come back. It’s figuring out the triggers that’s the difficult thing to do. It’s the mindless eating. it makes me so mad at me when I get on the scale and the numbers are going in the wrong direction. I try to blame to scale sometimes. :)
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