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  1. Mexico has required FMM forms for traveling to Mexico by air for a long time, technically it was required for land travel into Mexico but was not being enforced. Lately the Mexican government has been enforcing this rule. When traveling to OCC for any reason, please make sure you have your Passport or Passport Card, plus have a stamped copy of the FMM form with you - you'll need to stop at customs coming into Mexico to have this stamped even if you are driving yourself, or walking across the border. The OCC Driver always stops at Customs and patients go through customs, but make sure you ask the Customs Officer to stamp your FMM form. Often they will try to waive you through, but ask them to please stamp your FMM form. You will not be admitted into the hospital without it (the law states we have to check for it now!). If an official asks to see your stamped FMM form you must produce it. You can pre-fill out this FMM form online and print it as long as your passport is valid for more then 6 months after your planned travel dates, and as long as you are traveling within 30 days of completing the form. If your passport expires within 6 months you can't fill it out online and will have to complete it at the Customs Office. This is a requirement for anyone traveling with you as well. If you have any questions about the required documentation please call our concierge at 1-866-376-7849 ext. 80. Here is the link to the FMM Form online - use the option for Land Travel: https://www.inm.gob.mx/fmme/publico/en/solicitud.html#
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