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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Wonderful outcome and thank you for sharing!!
  2. Hi y'all, it's been a while since I've been on here and in TJ. Was wondering, how is traveling back and forth between Mexico and California? Is it still pretty safe? Any complaints? Or recommendations? I need to schedule an appointment to see how my band is doing and check up on fills? How about pricing? Have there been any changes on fills? When I signed up for this, back in 2008, fills were free. Only during Fluro, would there be a fee, I think about $75. Have things changed? I will probably spend two days out there, so any advice on hotel info in TJ? Are they still using Lucer
  3. Well good for you Ms JazzyJude! I'm glad things went well and you are feeling it! You know, I was going to head to TJ this past week, but my plans changed so I'm thinking within the next 2-3 weeks. I am so glad you are so detailed with your posts. Thanks for an awesome post and sharing your experience. I may try Mexicoach and the cab next time. I never thought about it, is it cheaper than using OCC drivers? I know the rates have increased but I'm not sure about comparison. It also puts my anxiety at ease, since there have been posted questions in regard to recent problematic activities
  4. =D> TOTALLY AWESOME!!! =D> Love it! your pix are like looking at an extreme makeover show, or a dyi magazine... good for you!
  5. Well first of all your fill is determined by your fill doctor. Normally they will ask you what you have been eating and how often. It's best to have a food diary, or a good memory, when you go speak with your fill doctor. Also, if you are not having time to go to the gym, simply walk around the block of your neighborhood. 15 minutes of walking is better than nothing, trust me, I've been there! Please know that if you only stand in your living room, or wherever in your home, and do jumping jacks or run in place, for a few minutes it is also just as good as going to the gym. Even if you
  6. Aaaawwww, nursing....brings back memories! Well, to answer your question, no. I had the lap band after nursing my youngest. However, I will say that you won't be able to lift your children right after surgery, especially your older one. Although the lapband is normally done laserscopic, it is a major surgery and therefore you will have lifting restrictions as well as exercises restrictions. As for breastfeeding, I would naturally assume that your milk may slow down a bit, just because you won't be eating as much. Now, on the other hand, if you were like me that milked more than enough wi
  7. Glad you liked the hotel! It's also closer to the OCC than Lucerna is, right? Well off hotel topic, but I was wondering since you just went out there how is the "air" in TJ? Meaning, how is the atmosphere? I know many people on the forum have been concerned with the news of drug wars and etc... Did you have trouble in and out of Mexico? Did you take the OCC van or did you walk over and take a cab? Just wondering...thanks ahead for your input!
  8. To blunt or not to blunt? That is the question! HAHAHA LOL !!! Frankly SoCalKid I've personally never had a problem with your posts. I too agree with Jnlebean, you take what you want from this forum and leave the rest. It's a matter of opinion, it's a matter of advice, it's a matter of fact according to the individual person's experience. That's pretty much it, nothing more and nothing less. Some people sometimes forget that and take it personally or feel offended. And frankly, that's their problem. Not yours. According to webster.com ADVICE is a "recommendation regarding a decision
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