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  1. Had a gastric plication April 2011 had a replication June 2018 due to some weight regain really haven’t lost any more weight getting discouraged 

  2. I had a gastric plication On April 8th 2011. I started regaining weight so I had a replication 8 weeks ago. Have not lost any weight since I have come home . has anybody out there gone through this?

  3. I had my gastric plication April7th It will be three weeks tommorow. I am eating soft things not having many problems. Small issue with reflux. Here in Canadait is so hard to get anything for that everything is prescription. I should have bought more. How is everyone else doing that has the plication in April??

    1. Lindsay


      You do'nt need a prescription for acid reflex medication! Just use Maalox. It's probably all you need.

  4. You'll do great! Just remember-its all normal to feel not so great the first couple of days (don't compare yourself to other patients-especially the banders) I'm on my 3rd week post op and feeling much better every day. Looking forward to soft foods in a few days.

  5. Hi I was wondering how you are doing??I leave on wednesday surgery on thursday

  6. I am having surgery April 7th Getting very nervous!!!!
  7. Thanks it's good to know what to expect I guess the mental hunger is another issue but i am thinking this will diminish over time I hope until your body gets used to it

  8. Feeling better with each passing day. Just be prepared to be a little uncomfortable the first week out. Mainly gas issues. The 1st couple of days you'll be struggling with some nauseau when you try to drink anything. This too gets easier. Now, I'm just fighting the mental hunger- I want to eat everything but your stomach is not hungry nor can you physically eat anything substantial

  9. Thanks We will stay a few extra days in SanDiego because to have to change planes and it could be a long day.Any complications? How are you now?

  10. Hi I hope your plication goes well. I would like to know how it goes. I am booked for April 6th I am nervous my family is a little apprehensive!!!!!!!!! Thanks Lasttime
  11. I just had the plication this past Friday (18th). Its been a rough few days but seems to get better everyday. One suggestion for the flight back- try to get an isle seat. you'll need to get up often to relieve the gas in your stomach!

  12. Has any one had the plication surgery lately ? I am booked for April 6

    1. WSUcoug


      How'd everything go? I just had mine done on Monday 4/4, just got home today, it went great, honestly couldnt have imagined it going any better. Now for the hard part, liquid diet and losing the weight!

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