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  1. Had a gastric plication April 2011 had a replication June 2018 due to some weight regain really haven’t lost any more weight getting discouraged 

  2. I had a gastric plication On April 8th 2011. I started regaining weight so I had a replication 8 weeks ago. Have not lost any weight since I have come home . has anybody out there gone through this?

  3. I had my gastric plication April7th It will be three weeks tommorow. I am eating soft things not having many problems. Small issue with reflux. Here in Canadait is so hard to get anything for that everything is prescription. I should have bought more. How is everyone else doing that has the plication in April??

    1. Lindsay


      You do'nt need a prescription for acid reflex medication! Just use Maalox. It's probably all you need.

  4. Hi I was wondering how you are doing??I leave on wednesday surgery on thursday

  5. Thanks it's good to know what to expect I guess the mental hunger is another issue but i am thinking this will diminish over time I hope until your body gets used to it

  6. Thanks We will stay a few extra days in SanDiego because to have to change planes and it could be a long day.Any complications? How are you now?

  7. Has any one had the plication surgery lately ? I am booked for April 6

    1. WSUcoug


      How'd everything go? I just had mine done on Monday 4/4, just got home today, it went great, honestly couldnt have imagined it going any better. Now for the hard part, liquid diet and losing the weight!

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