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    Eating Habits

    This was a good topic. I know I had to change what I eat but I never really thought about the habits quite like this. I am now thinking of my own bad habits and see I have to change more than what I eat.
  2. Thank you for all the encouragement. Reading everyone's testimonials and seeing how encouraging all are makes me anxious to get started. I just need to put my finances in order. I won't let my age get in the way.
  3. I have been debating about buying one. Comments here have pushed me over the edge and I am going to purchase one as soon as possible.
  4. The time is coming close. What are you going to do during the time you have left? Are there preparations you have to do? When are you flying down?
  5. My doctor has me taking fish oil for my heart, to keep it healthy but says the oils have other preventive qualities. Nice to see those layed out here. Thank you.
  6. Neat list. Seems to cover a great deal of types. Has something for everyone.
  7. The type of soft foods sounds importand. What are the best types of foods to eat?
  8. Sounds like everyone here is getting the surgery at the same facility. What things do you need if you don't travel? What do you need in the hospital?
  9. What are the breathing exercises for? I have heard of breathing after surgery but not before surgery. What is the benefit of this?
  10. That is very scary. Sounds like you have to be very careful or you can have a reaction very quickly.
  11. That is interesting to know you can get the pouch back. Does that mean in 5 days it goes back to the regular size?
  12. I am 55. I am concerned about doing this at my age. I don't recover as quickly as I did when I was younger and I am worried that I will be down longer than the 10 days or so I keep reading about. All you 50 and over tell me what your experiences were.
  13. I have been overweight most of my adult life (since about age 25) I am now 55.
  14. I have been researching which surgery to do. What little I know about the RNY I thought it was more successful than the band but your post about failure makes me leery. Do you regret doing it? Would you do it again?
  15. I will have my wife as my support. I see from your post we definitely need help. Glad I have my wife to help.
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