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  1. I swear I felt like a pampered princess there on Sat...I am definately doing that again lol....
  2. I was just down to get my sleeve and several folks were getting plication - and they were up and shopping the next day - and you will be as well. I had a bit of a problem with the breathing test - so they did the oxygen/lung thing (which I really enjoyed actually) both before and after surgery to take care of it,.,.,Being at goal weight is a suggestion - and is the best possible place for you - but don't beat yourself up on that...keep the faith. You will be great - the docs and staff will take excellent care of you....
  3. wow - great topic. I found that I need to write down everything I put in my mouth - so that I could really see what my calorie consumption was - compared to my burned calories. This is simple body function - based on your height and weight - you have a baseline of calories that you can maintain and a level to lose. It's easy to look first at the band - cuz you put alot into getting this and alot into working with it...but I have to say that it sure sounds like there maybe another cause here - thyroid is one that needs to be checked for sure. Blind fills is another one to check. Do the math on the food first - and if you are in the range to lose - then start looking metabolic reasons. The band as a tool should help you get to that intake range. I had a true failed band - it slipped - and I just revised to a sleeve and am in love with it so far. A much different feeling than the band - but still a restrictive process. Keep posting - we are here for you - as is OCC.
  4. In 2003 I decided it was time to take my life back. I was tired of being discriminated based on my appearance - not my skills at work and in my personal life. Inside me didn't match the outside me and it was really hard to look in the mirror and see a 310 lb women looking back. Like alot of you - I wasn't in that bad a physcial condition - considering my weight (I am 5'7") and was still pretty active. But my weight was not only limiting my opportunites in life but impacting my relationship with my daughter who was 12 when I got my band. She was embarrased by my weight. Also I didn't want to go to places that involved shorts or swimming, and in the summer - the heat was a real burden. In March 2003, I decided to go to Mexico to get a lapband. I had done a ton of research, Seattle seems to be a hub of bandsters and lot so of them had gone to Mexico. My band trip was uneventful and I started a new journey. I lost 170 lbs in 18 months and went from a size 28/30 to a 4/6. That was an amazing journey and I made alot of new friends,learned alot about myself and my body and made some big life changes. I stood up for myself at work, got the promotions I should have earned before but didn't based on my weight (how many fat salesladies do you see in upper sales - not many)...confronted my husband of 16 years and ended that relationship - abuse was not allowed in my life anymore. Life became full, exciting and I was finally where I wanted to be in my life - both in work and in my personal life. In 2010 - I noticed that I started to gain weight -something that had not been a concern since the band - I had been stable for about 6 years - so down to TJ I went and sure enough my band had slipped. Over the course of the next year we tried to save the band - filling and unfilling but all I did was gain - up 50 lbs and starting to see the differences in my body - Made a decision to do a revision to a sleeve - Dr. Ortiez counceled me about what I wanted and the best choices moving forward and we set a date for July 2nd 2011. Off I went to TJ again, scare but excited to get my life back. The revision didn't go as planned due to scar tissue - and I had been warned that might be an issue. The docs told me it was a minor setback - wait 3/4 months and come back. On Oct 1, 2011 - I headed back down for the sleeve. What a piece of cake that surgery is - I think it was easier than getting or removing the band for sure (except for the drain which is always a pain in the butt)... I am now 7 days out with my new sleeve and so far so good. I will keep posting and post some pics so if someone is interested they can follow along. Please ask me any questions - I will answer if I can... Donna
  5. I was lucky enough to still be around for the open house on Sat at OCC for the plastic Surgery Center. What a great event. The mini facials were amazing and I got their card - I will be doing a facial next time I am there - ask for Maya - she is the best! They also had someone doing hair, makeup and discounts on all cosmetic procdures. Got a great discount on Botox and my friend who was down tried the new PRP - plasma facial and is loving it so far. If you haven't tried the Plastic Surgery offerings - you should they are amazing. I got to see several folks who were having plastic surgery - arm lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, the new lipo called Vasser which looks very impressive. I will be going back hopefully by Feb to have some plastics done when I finish losing my weight (I love my sleeve so far)...I talked to Dr. So about a "Pippa butt lift" lol - where they use your own fat to "enhance" your butt. It is a pretty sweet deal - as they lipo out the fat from any problem areas and then spin it - to get the "fat" clean and use your own fat back into your body.. Wow - very impressed with the cosmetic services.... Donna
  6. I can finally respond and say I am Sleeved! Yahoio. I have to say that Monday after surgery - I had to ask several times if they had done the surgery as I felt so good. It really didn't sink in until Thursday when I got my leak test and saw the little shrimp stomach - that in fact I was sleeved. Boy these guys are great. So far no hunger. I have been drinking and doing the clear soup until Friday and then did some drinkable yogurt - which went down great but did give me a bit of loose poop...but that was actually welcome as I had the opposite problem after surgery. I was up and walking same day with a smile on my face and happiness. No hunger, no pain, just a bit of gas and some reference gas in my lower back. I took to walking alot every day - the weather was wonderful. Decided to keep my drain an extra day - got it ouit on Friday and boy that was an experience - but sure did feel better afterwards. Keep your fingers crossed, good thoughts coming , and I am at day 7 with a song in my heart! Donna
  7. Thanks so much! I love OCC - have been going there for almost 7 years...it's just with a revision - it's like a whole new ball game. Just excited to get this done. Am doing good with the pre-surgery diet...but looking forward to the other side.... D
  8. Hey there - I will be down on Oct 2nd and having a sleeve on the 3rd - so please find me and say hello! Words of wisdom - you will be fine - you have the best doctors ever! Donna (I will be at the Lucerna)
  9. yes it is. You can almost see it from the top floors. Also there is a Starbucks between the two. As the front desk guys and they will show you the way - it's a bit hard to describe in email as there is a big plaza in the middle that has several roads around it. I always stay at the Lucerna - I like it much better than the other hotels that they use. Donna
  10. I would totally recommend Dr. Ortiez - I go on Oct 3rd for my sleeve (revision - he took out my band on July1st). Dr. O was not my original band doc - but he has been doing my follow up and care for over 7 years and has been the best. They have done amazing job and supported me through the good times as the band was working and then trying to help me save my band. You can't find a better doc...please let me know if you have specific questions. Donna
  11. Wow can hardly wait to follow in your shoes. I go in on Oct 3rd for my sleeve. Keep me in your prayers. Donna
  12. Hey folks, Thanks for the thread. I am two weeks out (wait - less than 2 weeks - Oct 3rd) for my revision to Sleeve with Dr. Ortiez. I had my band out on July 1st - too much scar tissue to go right to sleeve. I had gained about 35 lbs as the band failed and then another 15 after it was taken out...but am down about 6 lbs now and starting liquids...so I hope to get down another 10 before surgery. I had forgotten how hard it was without any help from the band... I love OCC and Dr. Ortiez - everyone there is wonderful and i would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They take excellent care of you. I went with a sleeve based on Dr. Ortiez suggestion - as he felt it was best for me and as I have been seeing him for (gosh) almost 10 years - he knows me and my body pretty well. I was really a great bandster untill the slip - lost 170 lbs...so I really want to get back down to 143 lbs...(goal for me at 5'7). Typically dont get too scared until I am in the operating room - and then the nurses are always there with a kind word and some soft pats...gosh I love those girls. I went with the sleeve also as I have had one failure with the band - I wanted something that was an easy revision if it failed - and the new process is to plicate the sleeve (or tighten it up) - so I have a good game plan moving forward. Something I didn't have with the band. Please let me know if you have any questions. Donna in Seattle
  13. I always go to Revolution Blvd and hit the shops - or just people watch. Lots of fun. While I am down there - I ask the cab driver to let me off at Sanborns...which is a great upscale department store with a great resturant attached... Easy to get a cab there and back..
  14. hi there, I had a TT, BA, Muscle Revision and lipo done about 5 years ago and it was not too bad. The first couple of days you are pretty beat up - and the meds make things easier. Lipo is the gift that just keeps on giving lol - lots of bruising and draining. I hated the garment at first and then loved it too much...became a support thing for me... When they first held it up - it was like - oh I will never fit in that...but you do and it helps alot. The folks at the Lucerna are great and take wonderful care of you...you will do great!
  15. Hi Kelly, Nope the Plication revision was the same cost as the revision to sleeve - so I just left the funds with them and they will do the sleeve in October at no extra cost. If I wanted the funds back - the cost for a band removal is $3500 - and then I would have had to pay full cost for a sleeve...so it made sense to just leave the funds with them...I have been going to see them for over 8 years...I know them and trust them completely. I am working out alot and trying to be good with food - eating smart most of the time and using the workouts to balance things.. How are things going with you? Donna
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