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  1. I am concerned about the pain med they give you when you are discharged. What do they give you? So how many days total did you have the drain? I think this is the thing I dread the most. I had one with some other abdominal surgery I have several years ago and it hurt and about made me throw up to look at it. Also can you use a laptop in the hospital?
  2. I am scheduled to have my surgery on the 26th. A little nervous and a little excited! I am frutrated in my pre-op weight loss journey. I had lost 5 of the needed 10 pounds, but then today I got on the scale and I gained a pound since yesterday. I always weigh first thing in the morning. I was so careful yesterday about the water, tea I am supposed to drink and careful on what I ate. And I gained a pound. My husband and 2 teenage daughters are coming with me and we are planning on staying in TJ for a total of 5 days then going to LA to see family. I have heard that I will be feeling grea
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