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  1. I am concerned about the pain med they give you when you are discharged. What do they give you? So how many days total did you have the drain? I think this is the thing I dread the most. I had one with some other abdominal surgery I have several years ago and it hurt and about made me throw up to look at it. Also can you use a laptop in the hospital?
  2. I am scheduled to have my surgery on the 26th. A little nervous and a little excited! I am frutrated in my pre-op weight loss journey. I had lost 5 of the needed 10 pounds, but then today I got on the scale and I gained a pound since yesterday. I always weigh first thing in the morning. I was so careful yesterday about the water, tea I am supposed to drink and careful on what I ate. And I gained a pound. My husband and 2 teenage daughters are coming with me and we are planning on staying in TJ for a total of 5 days then going to LA to see family. I have heard that I will be feeling great and will have no issue really of getting around...just a little tired. Then I hear of others who feel horrible for a week or two, throwing up, gas, and pain. Any comments? Are we supposed to bring our Vitaleph vitamins with us? Trying to figure out what all supplement and shake wise to bring. I am still going to be on vacation for 5 days before returning home so not sure what food wise I need to do/bring. Has anyone else brought more than their companion to the Marriot? What did they charge you for them per night? Is the food expensive there at the hotel? I was told there are restaurants close to the hotel, (like the types we have in the US), but have been told to not drink the water and to be careful about where you eat. Last thing I want is for my family to get sick. Any thoughts? Anyone else scheduled for the 26th? Would like to meet you as we start our journey!
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