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  1. I have met all of my insurance criteria of yesterday. This took me seven months to do and I'm happy this is behind me. Next I will get a surgical consult and I hope scedule my procedure to be done. Crossing fingers in April of 2019.
  2. I'm almost done with my credentialing for my bariatric sleeve. I'm lookng at March or April for my surgery. May I ask if you had any skin removal done? I do think about my skin after the procedure often. Any tips or thoughts on that? Thank you. Vicky Congrats
  3. Burke

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    What did you pick for your first meal. And great job!
  4. Do I have hoops to jump after I have met all of my requirements for my insurance for the gastric sleeve? I hear all of these people saying that they had to take off much more weight then my insurance required. Many took classes? Does St. Mark's program start after my insurance requirements are met? This has been a six month time frame to reach this point? I could use a buddy locally that can talk to me about their experience with the sleeve.
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