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  1. If you have internet you can sign up for FaceBook. If you want to remain anonymous, do it under a fake name. But, there's 4 or 5 OCC groups that are all patients of the OCC and can give you want as far as information.
  2. Call you lapband doctor, asap.
  3. Hi Northfilly, This group was started back in 2006 and was 100% lapbanders. Time and new procedures have kind of left this group in the stone ages. So your not going to find much here on the Sleeve or Placation surgery. I'd suggest the OCC Facebook groups for a little more info. But, I can say since Placation surgery can be reversed, going with the Sleeve surgery should be easy for the OCC.
  4. You should be concentrating on your pre-op diet. Then starting some sort of exercise regime till surgery and after surgery. Remember,, what you do before and after surgery is is key to your success.
  5. If that doesn't help you, The OCC offers a procedure that surgically resizes the pouch. The ObesityControlCenter.com website can give you more details.
  6. There are a few of these reset diets out there on the web. For some reason,, I can't get the reset diet loaded on the OCC forum. Just Google "Sleeve Reset" or "Pouch reset" or go to the OCC website/Facebook support groups and search.
  7. The OCC is also on other social media platforms, like Facebook, contact an OCC coordinator for more info. This Forum is not as active as the Facebook groups.
  8. I can suggest that your husband join the OCC forum and we also have several Facebook support groups. He can sort of stay in the background and observe other OCC patients with their journey and it could make him more on board. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1033707290046323/
  9. Have you tried the Sleeve rescue diet? There's also another option, the Sleeve revision surgery that's offered by the OCC.
  10. The OCC has a post op schedule they follow. Your OCC surgery coordinator should be able to answer all your questions. I personally can't answer that question, but I can guess, I''m trying to remember mine, I'm thinking it was 3 days after surgery your on the way home. Call 1-866-893-8005 and talk to an OCC surgery coordinator.
  11. Yes, there's only one airport. If your going with the OCC, go with what your surgery coordinator recommends. The surgery is easy peasy. No need for extra days.
  12. You would be fine to come alone. Your in good hands if your having your surgery at the OCC. Plus you'll meet several other patients at the OCC the same day as your surgery. You'll travel in a group to the hotel for recovery, meet others who had or will be having surgery. It's kind of like you'll be surrounded by OCC patients.
  13. Saw this article,, what does everyone think about this subject? https://www.statnews.com/2019/10/27/weight-loss-surgery-preteens/
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