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Found 22 results

  1. Today is the one year anniversary of having my band to sleeve revision. What a year! I am at the lowest weight I've been at since... well... jr. high maybe? I feel great, and I'm not braggin' but I think I look pretty great too. I've stayed at the same weight now since Christmas and I'm happy with it. I still need to work out more and build some muscle, but as far as weight loss goes and this is the FIRST TIME in my life I have ever said this, but I'm not looking to lose any more weight! I am happy, and more importantly, I am healthy and pretty proud of myself I do love my sleeve. It allows me greater flexibility then I had with my band as far as foods I can eat, I am satisfied on very little food, I have a lot of energy and unless I'm trying to eat a bit too much, I just don't think about my sleeve very much... it is just my little shrimp stomach, it is a fabulous tool, but I'm not worrying about adjustments, if I'm too tight or too loose, or what i should order because I'm in a restaurant and don't want to get embarrassed if something gets stuck - which I did have trouble with during the last year with my band. I did love my band for a long time, but the last year, it didn't seem to love me back! If you are hesitating about a weight loss surgery, or if you have a band and you are feeling stuck or frustrated, please know there are options! I'm here to help you any way I can. I wish I had a picture to post, I should have taken one on Sunday because I was looking pretty slammin' in my sundress and sandals... I will try to take one later this week when it warms up again, right now i'm bundled up (the one thing about losing weight... I do get cold easier... that's OK - i'm up for that trade off!) Call me or email me if you have questions or want information on surgery! 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81 or lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com did I mention that I love my sleeve??
  2. I say this to my patients all the time, don't weigh yourself everyday and don't get frustrated when you don't see the scale moving. This past week, I dropped a couple of pounds, but with the extremely limited intake I've had, well honestly I don't know what i was expecting! I started this 2nd phase of my journey at 195 on the pre-op diet and now I'm at about 173, so considering I don't have a large amount of weight to lose, I guess things are going pretty well. What I'm really noticing is that i'm easily getting into clothes that I couldn't get into for quite awhile. In fact, though the scale only showed about 2 pounds this past week, my clothes showed quite a bigger loss. My old fav. size 10 jeans are fitting me better then they ever did... I believe they will soon become those big comfy jeans you wear when lounging around the house! I'm thinking that this weekend will be when i start pulling those clothes out of the back of the closet - you all know what i'm talking about. The ones we bought when we were on our "way down" the first time - that we bought slightly small because we just knew we'd get into them, or ones that we fit into for a short period of time, and held onto - waiting for that day we would be into them again. All of my incision are healing really really well the only one I'm still babying a bit was where the drain was. I'm putting neosporin on it every day and keeping it covered just to make sure it heals well. I'm having a little trouble getting in enough protein right now, and I think its showing up in my energy level (or lack thereof) that could also have something to do with my lack of sleep... I've always been an insomniac, and its just been worse this past week or so... really hope I can settle in to a better routine this next week. Too much on my mind right now - hubby's lack of employment, fighting with disability and insurance on his knee.. and the list goes on, as it does for all women! Trying to take some time to put myself first at least a little bit each day and take some "me" time (not always easy with a full time job, 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband). Really anxious to start the mushy food stage on Monday! those mashed potatoes are calling my name! How is everyone else doing on their journey? I'd love to hear from you!
  3. I'm so sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We have been really busy at OCC and I've been really busy at home. Graduations, end of school, water polo season starting. Crazy train - woot woot! I recently read this article about weight loss surgery and pregnancy and long term health of the child, and breaking the cycle of obesity in a family. I had my weight loss surgery after I was done having kids, so I can't say I have first hand knowledge of this subject BUT... (and that's a big but) I will tell you that I have 3 kids. Two of my kids battle with their weight, the 3rd one, my last, hasn't ever had that battle. With my 3rd child, I was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes. I believe I had it with all 3, but it was only diagnosed in my 3rd pregnancy (after much urging on my part for more testing - all my babies weighed over 9 pounds, the 3rd weighed 10!) Since I was properly diagnosed with my 3rd, I cut out all sugar and most of my carbs during this pregnancy. Didn't gain much weight (yes, I was overweight already, but stayed pretty much the same weight throughout my pregnancy unlike the first 2) anyway, my eating habits were much different with my 3rd child. I do wonder if there is any correlation with my eating habits and my older 2 kids difficulty with their weight. So this article made a lot of sense to me. I don't think its just the weight loss surgery they talk about in this article, but the different eating habits that generally go along with a weight loss surgery. So.... I wanted to share this. I get a lot of questions from younger women coming in for surgery about how weight loss surgery will affect a future pregnancy... as always, Dr. Ortiz would recommend you wait 1 - 2 years after having surgery to get pregnant, at least 12 months as that is when most of your weight loss will occur and you want to keep that momentum. Here is the article: health.usnews.com/health-news/family-health/womens-health/articles/2009/09/02/weight-loss-surgery-breaks-families-obesity-cycle As always, if you have any questions about weight loss surgery, or revision surgery you can always reach me at 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81 or lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com Enjoy your weekend!
  4. I think we all reach this stage in the pre-op diet where we start to think maybe I don't need to do this surgery, I'm losing weight OK - can't I just keep going and FINALLY keep this weight off all by myself? Well if 35 years of history tell me anything (yes, dieting in some shape or form since age 12) the answer to that question is NO! For some people, keeping off the weight hasn't been a problem. For 95% of us, that is the biggest problem. It has never been about losing the weight for me, its been the long haul keeping it off that has eluded me until I got my band in 2006. Now I'm on the pre-op diet preparing for my band removal/sleeve revision surgery, and those same questions are starting to haunt me... I'm doing it, I'm losing weight again, do I really need to have this revision surgery? The answer is YES! I know I do. I'm no longer having success with my band, if you've read my other blog entries, you'll know we've been besties for a long time, but the relationship is strained now, due to injury, accident, medications, stretched pouch, port pain... its time for a change. And I know that without this revision surgery, the weight will continue to creep on, and this loss I'm having on the liquid diet, will be short lived. I don't have consistent restriction with my band anymore, in fact, I really don't have much restriction at all. (for all your bandsters doing so well, please don't be scared about my experience, I am not the norm for a bandster!! Keep on keepin' on!!! and yes, I will miss my band!) So, for all of us that struggle with the question, do I really need that surgery when i'm doing so well on the pre-op diet, the answer for most of us is, YES!!!!.. to help me keep up with the loss, and to keep the weight off... YES! I need it, and i'm not ashamed to ask for and get the help that I need and want to get healthier, and stay that way long term!
  5. So... my daughter got married last month. It was a beautiful, intimate, very romantic and meaningful wedding. We had it at church in our smaller sanctuary - about 75 guests, we all sat at the reception tables for the wedding. My dad said a prayer. We had dancing (I got to dance with my 85 year old daddy... a treasured moment... no that's not my dad in the pictures, that's my husband!! - OK i switched up pics - that is my husband beside me and my daddy behind me) and a dessert bar and a lovely cake baked by our friend and beautiful decorations (anybody want tips about a wedding on a budget... ask me!). Our brilliant photographer donated her time to us because she loves my daughter so much... let's just say blessings abounded... everywhere you looked and even when you weren't looking... a very joyous day. One of the things I didn't have to worry about was camera angles. You all know what I'm talking about. When you aren't at your ideal weight (or are very far from it as I'd been for so long) the camera is not your friend. You try to find ways to hide behind other people, try to figure out the right angle... or just plain hide all together - you are a bobbing head from behind a group of people. That is not the case for me anymore, and I'm so thankful for my sleeve. I loved every picture, kept looking at myself like... hey - i look pretty good! I wasn't holding my breath as I scrolled through the pictures, afraid of what may be next. Now i'm not saying every picture is a keeper... they never are, but I wasn't embarrassed or ready to put any through the shredder... that's a first If you aren't where you want to be for 2013 and are ready to make a change for the better and get back on track to a healthier you... you can email me at lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com or call 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81. Whether its a first time weight loss surgery or a rescue/revision surgery - we can help! Make 2013 the year when you don't hide anymore!
  6. My whole life, my goal has been to lose weight, never been satisified with where I was, always had my eye on where I was wanting to be. Today my scale sits at 135. ME!?!?!? 135. Can't be! never! I see myself as I was... when I look in the mirror, most of the time I still see "fat Lori" - I think someone that hasn't had a life long battle with the scale could never understand this! I was walking this weekend and saw a shadow on the ground. Of a slim/trim woman. I was thinking wow I'd like to look like that... then I realized... hey that is ME! ME ME ME.... it is me wearing a size 6 jeans. ME! really? YEP! I hold up the jeans, and I think they look small, but somehow when I see myself, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that those jeans... those size 6 jeans that look small when I'm holding them in my hands FIT me (sometimes a little looselyl) they fit ME... How did that happen? The sleeve from Obesity Control Center is how that happened... my rescue surgery from Dr. Ortiz has changed my life. I don't battle with food anymore. I can eat whatever I want just in much smaller quantities. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, I had to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy and all kinds of fun (NOT!) tests, but the one thing my gastroenterologist was SURE of was that my sleeve was PERFECT! He said the shape and size were right, no signs of any issues with that and no ulcers. As with any US doctor, they are always a little suspicious of going to Mexico for surgery, but he said everything about it was perfect and has NOTHING to do with the celiac diagnosis. I always knew Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez were wonderful surgeons, but its always nice to have that confirmed! If you are battling with your weight, battling with your band, and just want to try something else... email me at lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com or call 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81, I'd love to talk with you!
  7. I got back home late yesterday afternoon. So happy to be home with my kiddo's! While I was in Tijuana my husband and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary - I told him I was getting the PRP and Botox as a gift for him... not sure he bought it, but oh well Before I forget, let me say that I have had botox quite a few times, in the US and with Dr. So at OCC/The Ariel Center - and Dr. So is the BEST! Never any bruising, never over "toxed" - I still look like myself, have great expression, but wrinkleless in all the right places! Very anxious to see how the PRP rejuvenate's my skin... I'm already noticing a hydration difference, and I'm told within the next few months I really start to see my skin changing... I'll keep you posted and I'll try to remember to take pictures! OK... back to my sleeve revision. I really didn't have much pain at all - I did have some discomfort and really most of that came from the drain. Since I'm a revision patient I had to have my drain in a day or 2 longer then a "virgin" sleeve patient. I will tell you that within 5 minutes of having that drain removed, I was feeling sooooooo much better! The drain removal wasn't fun, but not nearly as bad as I thought. A few deep breaths and it was out - I kept waiting for it to hurt, but it didn't - it just felt strange. I actually worked quite a bit while I was there. Monday had surgery, Tuesday went in for a drain check and met with the doctors. Wednesday I was at OCC having meetings with the doctors and staff, Thursday I recorded videos and did some video interviews of other patients. Friday I had a couple of other meetings then went back to the hotel and answered phone calls and emails (actually I was answering emails everyday except Monday & Tuesday). We left early Saturday to miss border traffic and head home. I'm working on sipping liquids all day to make sure I stay well hydrated. Warm tea seems to go down better then something cold - although a sugar free popsicle is fabulous! I have been having a drinkable yogurt a day. I tried the Activia but there is so much sugar in those, that I felt lousy, so I switched to Trader Joes Greek liquid yogurt. I had picked some up on my way to OCC and tried them after the Activia I had bought there was an epic fail (stomach cramps and a mad dash to the restroom). I would say if you can't get your hands on the Liquid Greek Yogurt, when you are home buy some plain greek yogurt and blend it up with some milk or Lactaid and use a shot or 2 of the sugar free Torani syrups or even some reduced sugar jelly/spreads to flavor it - or even some honey... whatever you like. Too much sugar so soon after a sleeve can cause a bit of a "dumping". Another tip - and this one you can take with you when you go for surgery, if you have a Target, look in the aisle with the Crystal Light mixes for the Archer Farms brand Simply Balanced drink mix - box of 8 little pouches to dump into a water bottle (10 calories). They have electrolytes and vitamins (basically they are a cheaper, portable version of the Sobe Lifewater. My favorite is the Pomegranate Yumberry, but the Blackberry Blueberry is really good, too! I got a wee bit tired of Chicken Stock (even though the Lucerna's is really good!) remember, my surgery was Monday and I didn't leave until Saturday. Miso soup was a really good alternative for me. My husband went out to a local Japanese restaurant (you can ask at OCC for the good ones - ask Gloria - she recommended a great one). I just avoided the Tofu and the seaweed in the soup - you could probably ask for it strained, but I didn't think of that ahead of time- it was a great alternative to the Chicken Stock. I also drank quite a bit of warm tea. If you have favorite tea bags - take them with you. You can use the coffee pot in your room to heat the water and then brew your tea. If you like your tea sweetened, take some splenda or stevia with you - the only thing in the condiment pouch was sugar. I admit I over did a bit last night, unpacking, laundry, etc - and I did start to feel a little pulling pain, so PLEASE follow the guidelines and don't lift or bend too much so soon after surgery. I know this all sounds a bit boring, but I figured since I had some questions about how a sleeve revision patient may feel after, I thought I'd share this part of my journey with you as well. You know how to reach me if you have any questions! 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81
  8. Hello OCC Sleeve patients. I have a question. I'm 2 weeks out from my sleeve revision surgery and wondering - how long did it take before you could get the thicker liquids like protein shakes or liquid yogurts down a bit easier? I'm 2 weeks out today and still really having to baby those, it takes me quite awhile to get through one. I know this is normal, just wondering what your experience was. Thanks! If you haven't read my blog - you can find it here. I encourage all of you to start one, it can be very helpful to other patients! http://www.occforum.com/index.php?app=blog
  9. I was going through my closet today trying to figure out what to wear to an event and realized that nothing in my closet fits me right! I haven't been this weight since before kids (and since my oldest is 21 that gives you an idea!). I have things that kind of fit me, but everything is too big. I'm thinking of heading over to a thrift store or consignment store to pick up a few things since I hate spending $$ on clothes when I'm not sure where I'm going to end up! I purchased a few things to get me through the summer, but I don't have anything nice to wear. any ideas? what did you guys do as you were losing? did you borrow from friends, shop at 2nd hand stores or just treat yourself to a few new pieces?
  10. Today would have been my 6th Bandiversary. I still feel like celebrating it, even though I no longer have my band. My friend helped to get me out of a dangerous part of my life, got me into a healthier weight range, helped resolve my health issues associated with my weight, and we had a great relationship for a long time! The best thing my band did for me was got me to OCC and Dr. Ortiz. The experience has changed my life forever, and I don't know how to express my gratitude enough! Even though I've moved on from my band to my sleeve revision (which i totally love!) I will forever be grateful for my band and the time we spent together so I continue to celebrate my bandiversary or maybe it will be my OCC-versary! Either way - Happy Day If you have questions about surgery - you can contact me lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com or 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81
  11. Just a quick note, I got my test results back and nothing is wrong with me (well at least not with my blood work!)... so that's good! I just wanted to report that before my band surgery 6 years ago, my cholesterol was up over 270 my number today was 137 My LDL - the bad cholesterol is only 69 which is remarkably low! woohooooo My HDL - good cholesterol is a little low too - still within normal - but should be higher, but this probably has a lot to do with my extremely sedentary lifestyle over the past year because of 2 foot surgeries and over 9 months in a cast and not walking! I hope to resolve this as my foot continues to heal! all my other numbers look really good So what that means, is my other issues are probably related to stress (hubby lost his job over 2 months ago now - so stress is probably warranted!)
  12. LoriBecky

    Checking In

    Let me start by saying, I'm really loving my sleeve! I still rarely feel hunger, which is a big change for me. When I eat, I feel satisfied really fast! I am still working on getting in enough liquids during the day. I have increase my intake, but I'm not up to where I'd like to be, so I'm working on that. I was reading something that had nothing to do with weight loss surgery today, but it reminded me of something that I already knew, but because my life with the band had become a struggle towards the end, I was always trying to figure out ways to "cheat it" because I couldn't get down enough "good food" - so I was eating easy to eat foods. What I was reminded of: eat as little as you can to feel satisified, intead of seeing how much you can get away with eating. Its a simple rule, easy to understand - very straight forward, yet so many weight loss surgery patients consistently push the boundaries of what they can eat. eat as little as you can... stop even before you feel full. I learned the hard way tonight, trying to get in one last bite can result in pain and nausea and in some cases vomiting. I didn't get that far, but that chicken tasted so good, I thought... just one more bite. well... a bite too far isn't worth it! I ended up "sliming" and burping and thankfully didn't throw up (I HATE THROWING UP!) I haven't thrown up in years, and I plan to keep my run as long as possible (last time was the stomach flu). even more then that, if I were to push my limits repeatedly, I could end up stretching my pouch... why would i want to risk that? nothing tastes THAT good! I'm still figuring out how to be a model sleeve citizen... trial and error and hopefully learning a lot as I go along, and sharing as much of it with you as I can. As always... any questions just email me: lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com or 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81
  13. I was able to start on real solid food and it really seems to be helping my energy levels and my gut issues! I think my body just needed something to "work" with! lol I spoke with another sleeve revision patient yesterday, and she said she had some of the very same issues I was having... you know, making sure there was always a bathroom in sight! So far, as of noon yesterday, I'm doing better. We'll see if that holds up since I had a few bites of pizza tonight. Mostly just the toppings, but I did have part of a very small piece, it tasted really good, and was really nice to eat with my family... but I can't eat much of it, which is good, as pizza has to be near the top of the list (ok maybe THE top) of my favorite food... Still amazed how little I am eating and how satisified I feel! Now... Pizza I realize is not a good weight loss food, I do get that, and I know I didn't get nearly enough protein out of that meal, but again, we were all sitting together, watching a movie, and it was nice, after several weeks on liquids, to just have a few bites of whatever they were eating. So far, no reflux, which was my biggest concern! I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!!
  14. LoriBecky

    Mother's Day

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day with their family! I sure did! My kids (and husband) really wanted to see Avengers. I honestly didn't know that much about the movie, and the Incredible Hulk will always be Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno (or so I thought) - anyway... the movie was FABULOUS... My family went for the adventure, and I went for the "gun" show and I couldn't have been more impressed (evil grin) it did not disappoint, and the movie was really good, too! The guy that played Captain America... OMG... the guns on that dude. And Robert Downey, Jr... he's held up very well... mmm mmm mmm (honey if you are reading this, just know I love you and wouldn't trade you for ANYTHING and I did see you observing Scarlet Johansen fairly grippingly, so let's call it even!) and Mark Ruffalo played the Dr. Banner/Hulk really well (he's not hard to look at, either)! For a little while I thought the smell of buttered popcorn may be too much for me, but I found that I just didn't want it. Yes, it smelled great, and I could almost taste the butter/salt combo from inhaling so deeply, but I just didn't feel like it would be a good choice, and I wasn't sure how my gut would feel about it, so I passed. I did insist on a drive by to See's on the way home. One treat on mother's day so I had my beloved Bordeaux. Totally worth it! If you know me, you know I am hooked (HOOKED) on Downton Abbey! My kids got me the book "The World of Downton Abbey" to hold me over until Season 3 starts next year. My poor DVD's of Season 1 & 2 are going to be worn out between me re-watching them and new converts borrowing them to catch up. My family kept asking what they could make me, or bring home, for a special dinner that night, but I just wasn't hungry. They all got burgers, and I took a couple of bites of my husbands, and that was it, I was full and happy. It still amazes me how FULL i feel most of the time, even if its because i've had a few sips of vitamin water, or iced tea, I'm just not hungry!
  15. I have a favorite salad, its chicken, walnuts, apples, cranberries, and light mayo. So tonight, I took some of the roasted chicken breast, some fat free mayo, walnuts, and cranberries (i'm out of apples) put it in the food processor and made a mushy, yummy, pulverized salad meal. Tastes really good! What mushy foods are getting you through the sleeve post op diet? I'd love some suggestions.
  16. There is a Contemporary Christian Song by Stacie Orrico called "Don't Look at Me". So, that is totally ME!. Here are the lyrics: Don't look at me if you're looking for perfection Don't look at me I will only let you down I'll do my best to point you in the right directon But don't look at me No, no, no Don't look at me, look at Him So last night, I was really craving something sweet, I wasn't hungry mind you - but with overweight people, being hungry isn't always the reason we eat. So anyway... I got one of those little mini hershey chocolate bars (did I make it sound small? I'm trying to make this wee little miniature chocolate sound super small)! Anyway, I wanted it, I melted it in my mouth and made it last and linger and oh my... it was delicious! I tell you this not because i'm encouraging anybody to cheat on their pre-op or post-op diet, but because even when we need a little somethin' somethin'... its OK. We don't have to fall off and dive head first into a chocolate fountain (oh my... I just totally pictured myself doing this!) We can have a wee little tiny minature treat, and move on.... stay within our healthy diets and still have a chocolate moment. Am I following my post op diet very closely... YES! I am very proud of myself. Did I have a little treat yesterday, YES!!! I did! Do I regret it? NOPE... I had a treat, in extreme moderation (really... it was so tiny you could hardly see it)! and I got up today and had my oatmeal, and I'm drinking my Sobe Life Water, and I'm still not hungry! Remember... follow the pre and post op diets as outlined by Dr. Miranda, but don't kick yourself if you stumble a little.... when it comes to perfection... there is only one! And HE has blessed my life in so many ways, and I know he's not going to hold my little wee miniscule chocolate fix against me If you have any questions... you know how to reach me!
  17. LoriBecky

    Soy Protein

    Woohooo.... i'm so relieved (literally!) the Soy Protein seems to be making me feel better (read my last post about Whey protein and it being a milk derivitive). I started on the EAS Soy Protein (chocolate flavored) last night, mixed with some light chocolate soy milk, with a spinkle of the PB2 Chocolate Peanut Butter Powder (if you haven't heard of PB2 you really should look it up, you get the flavor of peanut butter without all that fat! - I get mine on Amazon, but I've heard some Wal-Marts carry it) Anyway... I had a shake last night and one this morning and so far... no "issues" My tummy feels better, my intestines are not screaming, and well, I'm not getting as much exercise as I have been the last few days - if you don't understand what I mean, just think about it LOL I leave tomorrow to head to the hotel then get an early start on Monday for pre-ops & surgery. I'm nervous, excited, nervous, excited... but most of all, I'm ready!
  18. Still recovering from surgery of course, but feeling better every day and increasing my physical activity, while following the post-op guidelines. I'm doing well getting down my liquids. I do best with hot tea or soup (Miso is my favorite!) but the colder liquids are getting easier. I did give myself a treat and had a no sugar added fudgesicle... what a delight! I still seem to have some issues with the protein shakes. Not sure what it is since I've eliminated lactose by using the soy protein powder and they aren't high in sugar, but they send me running to the restroom. Of course this happened after my original band surgery, too, so I'm not too worried. Before surgery the Protein shots tasted fine, but post surgery, they just taste way too sweet, maybe its my taste buds changing already - not craving the sweets? I may try to dilute them down a bit since they are a great source of protein. I'll keep you posted. The recovery from the sleeve revision is going really well. I was able to sleep on my left side last night, so I slept much better. I'm a left side sleeper and since that is where the drain was, I was a little sore on that side, but that is really lessening as the days go by. I would do the surgery again in a heartbeat. If you've been following my blog, you know I had some nervous moments leading up to surgery, I even begged Dr. Ortiz to let me be one of the early surgeries, even though revisions typically go last. I guess it helps to have friends in high places But the surgery was easy and I felt really great even right after, had a few "crampy" moments with the drain, but once that was out, its been smooth sailing! I'm anxious to get through this liquid phase and take my new "shrimp stomach" for a ride and see how it feels to eat again. If anyone has questions about a revision surgery, either from band to sleeve or from bypass to band please email me at lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com or call 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81
  19. I had my sleeve revision surgery yesterday and so far so good. I had a minor issue with the drain in the afternoon, but Dr. Martinez fixed me right up. Dr. O said my stomach tissue was in great shape and he could tell I had not abused my band at in the past - i never had issues with PBing or forcing my band. Like I've said in prevous posts, for over 5 years I had a great relationship with my band (june would have been my 6th year bandiversary) - you can read some of my previous posts for what brought me the to the decision to have a sleeve revision. I don't have much pain - some tenderness at the drain site where I needed a couple of extra stitches. I'm back at the hotel now, and having been walking some, sleeping a little, and staying hydrated. Even with the problems I was having with the pre-op diet shakes, I still managed to get off 10 pounds before surgery - probably one of the reasons my surgery went so smoothly, I did exactly what I was told to do to prepare for surgery! (How can I tell my patients what to do, if I won't do it myself!) I'll keep posting to the blog to let you know how I'm doing. Right now I'm really happy that I have my sleeve, but I am still mourning my band. For a split second I was going to ask if I could keep it, but I have no idea what I would have done with it LOL So... i'll always be your band budy, but I would also like to get to know some sleeve sisters too, so we share our experiences! If you have any questions you can email lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com
  20. Well... I've been suffering, how shall I say, with bathroom problems from the protein shakes. I know I'm lactose intolerant so I've been mixing my shakes with Soy Milk or Almond Milk, but still, its been brutal. I did some research today and discovered that my protein shakes are Whey based and Whey is derived from (drumroll please) MILK! good grief! So... today I'm off to purchase some soy based protein shakes and try to calm my poor gut down a bit! I'm guessing these protein shots I bought for after surgery are going to be a problem as well, since they are Whey shots. I think I may do OK with those because I plan on spacing each shot out all day - it is 42 grams of protein in each 3+ ounce shot - so I'll put some in my water or crystal light or tea once I'm back from my sleeve revision surgery to make sure I keep up my protein intake. So here is the tip... if you suffer from lactose intolerance, or find yourself having trouble with your protein shake, you may want to switch to Soy based - or vice versa - and see how that goes! I'll let you know how the switch goes I leave Sunday to head to TJ for my Monday morning surgery! I will have my computer with me so I'll blog from there!
  21. I found this quote today in an interview with Carnie Wilson. She recently had the Band Over Bypass surgery. Dr. Ortiz actually pioneered this type of surgery and has been performing for years and has performed hundreds of these! I think for anyone that is hesitant about finding out more about a revision surgery, this will hit home! "My message to people is you have to help yourself and when you're ready to change something, then you're ready. Nobody can do it for you. Don't hide out by yourself and feel ashamed, like a failure. You have to reach out and get help to do something about it. " Carnie Wilson If you are struggling with a failed procedure, we can help!
  22. And so it begins.... the liquid only phase of the pre-op diet that all sleeve revision patients that still have their band must endure. Its not too bad, of course, it is my first day. I don't have to be on it quite as long as others because nothing gets stuck at my band right now, and In the almost 6 years that I've had my band, I haven't PB'd - so the liklihood of inflammation is reduced. My husband is blending up some fabulous high protein shakes. I'm using the whey protein powder and mixing it with Soy Light Chocolate Milk - that reallly helps with the flavor, as do the Torani Syups! A splash of the sugar free peanut butter flavor in my chocolate shake goes a long way to making it taste better and gives me some variety! I'm still a little nervous about surgery, but if you've been following my blog, you'll know that is just my process. I'm really excited and just anxious to have it done! My port has been bothering me a bit lately, maybe its psychosomatic, my body's way of telling my worrying brain that this is OK, this is the right time for a change, and to quit questionning my decision. My husband is really on board at this point, he had his moments of wondering, but the more research he does on his own, the more he is really excited for this change as well. He has seen this last year of my struggles with my band, my fighting to keep it and then the resolution that its time to move on as my body doesn't seem to want to cooperate with the band anymore. Maybe its me mourning my band. We've been great friends for quite a few years now. I thought I'd have it forever. I wanted to have it forever. Most of our patients will! But for some of us, either a life change, an accident, illness, medication, a slipped band, insufficient weight loss - whatever it is, it changes our perspective and our relationship with our band, and we have to make a decision. I know without a tool, I will surely gain back the weight I've lost. Even though I have changed my habits, I do eat better than I did before, I know how easily those habits return, and I need a tool. In order for my body to stay at a lower weight, I have to eat less than many people at that weight would eat. I can't be as active as some are. So this is my decision to stay healthy and get even healthier. I'm ready for what's to come. I truly hope that, as in most cases, Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez can remove my band and perform the sleeve revision during the same surgery, but even if it has to be a 2 step process, I'm ready.
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