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Surgery and SEX !!!

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Hi all,

My husband and I made love last night.. .... :wub:....

I got banded 15 days ago .....I want to know if its safe.......???? I am sacred what if my band moved or slipped. :unsure: .. my incisions are healing up very well !!

Kind of cunfuse !!!! :huh:

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We went for it the day after surgery! We figured we were in a hotel with no kids, so why not. Besides, don't they say sex burns calories?

LOLOL... yeah your right.. why not just do so.... speciallly when the kids are not there.. take full advantage LOLOL :D

Thanks for ur reply ..........

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Renee told me that sex was fine one week after surgery but that it had to be missionary--he told me I couldn't "be on top" for two weeks to let the port heal up some. :) That was a question I asked before surgery. :)

Thanks !!!

so it mean it was OK for me .. since today is my 15th day !!!!!

man those 15 days were tough... LOLOL

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