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Whiner here.

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Okay... so you all listened to me whine in regards to my second fill and being sick. Thanks for all of the advice! I'm still a little sick, but I am feeling better. And, as for my fill... it has definitely loosened up. I haven't eaten much the past couple of weeks... either I couldn't or I just didn't have an appetite. I have been dead-on with my healthy eating during the times that I could eat. Today I decided to get some calories in me... unhealthy I might add. And, to see what I possibly could or could not tolerate. I got a small order of french fries and a Whopper with cheese from Burger King. I probably ate 8-10 french fries, took three small bites of the hamburger (including the bun) and then took the hamburger patty off with the cheese and tomato and ate it. It went down fine. I feel satisfied and definitely not stuffed. I've tried not to push or test my band in regards to eating until I PB. Now I'm wondering about possibly scheduling my third fill for a couple of weeks down the road. What do all of you think? I'm not worried about overeating right now.

Thanks, Kristy

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I would say if you are:

~ overeating your "1/3" portion of what you use to eat and still hungry;

~ stayed with the food guidelines;

~ exercised accordingly (change it around?...and if you are sweating it out, drink more liquids);

~ drinking all your water (throughout the day, and maybe another 8 oz?);

~ eating all your proteins (msaybe up your proteins a bit?)

...then maybe you should consider to get another fill. But I would first wait out until you are much better and not sick. Then you can make a sound decision then. In the meantime, stick with measuring your foods and be consistent. Hang in there. Listen to your body...give everything a chance before making a decision. You don't want to have too tight of a fill either.

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Didn't you just have some problems with only being able to consume liquids? Or, am I thinking of someone else? If that was you, I would wait a few weeks to make sure your band is going to stay as loose as it is now. Rememer, the band can be very fickle.

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ValleyGirl - - :lol: I second that!! I wouldn't even be able to get 2 in probably.

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