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Hm, that's too bad you had a negative experience there ...

I've seen it, and had a look at the lobby, and it looked so peaceful and serene.

I stayed at the new hotel the clinic now refers clients to, Marriott Hotel.

The service was awesome, and the facilities are new.

We were originally put on the 2nd floor, but then requested a floor higher up that overlooked the golf course, that's right next door.

It had 2 single-like beds in it, and the room was small.

It's not as central as the other hotels, but I was there to have surgery, and then fly home, so it worked for us.

Next time, we will be staying at the Lucerna, because of the prime location.

I personally won't be staying at the Del Rio, because it's a prime location for tourists.

After talking to a local San Diegoian, I was told to lay low.

Beyond everything else that's happening in Tijuana, the main issue is holding hostages for money.

It's a cheap way for locals to get quick money.

Just sayin'.

Be alert, that's all. :)

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