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Protein Shakes

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Everyone has such different tastes so it's hard, but my favorites were EAS and Atkins. I'm on the run a lot so I don't have time to make my own, but I hear the ones you make yourself taste better. Kind of have to do a trial and error and see which you like.

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I have tried a few different kinds. I tried the chocolate and rich chocolate Myoplex and they were too rich for me. I was only able to drink them for a few days. This wasn't a shock to me though because I am not a huge chocolate fan. I have also tried Strawberry and Chocolate EAS in the cannister. The strawberry is my favorite. I don't think I could ever get tired of it. I did however go to Walmart over the weekend and came across Body Fortress in a cannister. They were $15 a piece. I purchased strawberry and cookies n creme. I have only tried the cookies and creme and it is pretty good. I did however misread it and on the front is says 52g of Protein with 2 scoops. Ohhh was that way too chalky and strong. Today I used one scoop and had about 10 z of skim milk and it tasted sooo good! So I would have to say Body Fortress cookies and creme and EAS strawberry are my faves...I bought both in cannisters and mix with skim milk or water. PS: EAS was about $21 for the cannister which has 30 servings.

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