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no more restriction all of a sudden

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I've heard this can happen but I'm wondering why??? I have had two fills and have 2.4 in a 4cc band. I had restriction for a little over a month and now I feel almost like I don't have a band at all. I wake up hungry (this is a first since having surgery) and no matter what I eat, I don't get the full feeling anymore and just have to use willpower to stop. You can imagine how easy that is- NOT! How can you have restriction one day and none the next? This is the sixth day in a row....I haven't scheduled a fill cause I wanted to make sure the restriction didn't kick back in. How long would you wait? I've gained three pounds in three days, but it is my TOM.


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Hey Sabrina!

You are doing great! Love tha hat!

I experience this too. I am going for my third fill tomorrow and as many has said, there are alot of different reasons, I try to stay postive and think it is because Im loosing weight and my stomach is getting smaller so it is not as tight... :D

Good Luck!


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