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i have been following these posts for over a year now, and have indeed learned a lot, now that i know that i will finally be able to be getting banded (early march) i was curious to know some things...

i know the recommendations are bringing adult liquid tylenol and possibly some gas-x for the flight home... anything else?

also- pre-op suggestions... when does one start the liquids, or cutting portions in half? i am confused about this... i recently read from a bandsters post that it is best to shrink your stomach the best you can, for a snugger fit.

i am excited to be on the road to making my dreams come true, like being alive, and enjoying a healthier overall better quality of life.


please email me with anything you found helpful in your early journey and what mistakes you mightve made, as i might not have to make them too.

i am growing more nervous,

mostly about how im going to work out sitting in the airline seat, but...


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Are you having surgery with Dr. Ortiz?

Whjen I had my surgery in April I did not have to do any pre op diet. I was told back then that he only required a pre op diet to shrink your liver if your BMI is over 50, mine was not. However I did start to make better food choices and did start to get used to eating slow , small bites and chew chew chew and I also stopped drinking during a meal so I got plenty of practice and knew what to expect after being banded. Please call Dr. Ortiz's office to see if his pre op diet portocol has changed it may have since April. Best Wishes to you on your weight loss journey

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I took the tylenol (liquid) and I we loved the therma care patches. I got the small ones and wore it between shoulder blades to help with gas pain relief.

I don't think the gas x really works- since the gas is not "in you digestive tract" but in you internal cavity. But my two cents.

I also took isopure with me to mix in water, but I had needs for more protein issues due to breast feeding.

Good luck!!!

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