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Surgery Day - Take 2

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Some of you know that I didn't have my surgery yesterday. To make a long story short, I went into anaphylactic shock (because of an allergy to the general anesthesia) in the operating room prior to the surgery. A day later, I still look like Rocky Balboa.

My dentist wanted me to have wisdom teeth extracted and I had been stalling. Thank god I did. I was very lucky to have been in an operating room surrounded by professionals rather than in a dentist chair when this happened.

The surgery isn't off. I did think about it yesterday though. Then I realized that surgery or no surgery I'd have to work out what I was allergic to...in case I need an operation later.

I have an appointment with an allergist tomorrow. Once the allergist results come back, I'll get a new surgery date. The doctor spoke as if it could be within "days".

I'm back to ISOPURE. My doctor didn't specifiy I had to return to the liquid diet (I lost almost 20 lbs pre op despite the Dallas trip...that's a miracle) but I thought it would be a smart thing to do, not that I feel much like eating.

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I feel very fortunate and I am feeling a little better. To top it all off my cycle started yesterday. lol

At least when I have the surgery it will be over. :)

OMG Robbyn! I was logging on tonight to see if you commented on your surgery, little did I know! Well glad you are OK, take care of you!

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