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WOW, I cant belive this day is finally here it seems unreal to me I waiting and saved money for years for this momment and finally all the saving and waiting has paid off, If all goes well Ill finally get banded on Monday and Iam so excited please pray for me that all goes well and that I return well to my family,

but I have to admit that iam very nervous, scared and sad nervous because this is surgery ill be going to and I hope there no complications, scared because iam soooooooo afraid of airplanes lol and sad because I have to leave my kids alone for 4 days and I have never been away from theme this long and I keep thinking about somthing happining and not ever seeing theme again O just the thought makes me want to cry :lb12: but I have faith that all will go well and I know Iam not the first one nor the last one that goes through something like this.

so Ill be letting you guys know when I finally cross over to bandland lol wish me well ill be leaving tomorrow morning to the airport and hopefully be at the hotel in the evening

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