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Question about the "water" in Mexico

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Silly question I'm sure. I haven't been to Mexico for ages. When I was last there everyone said "Don't drink the water." "Don't let them put ice in your drink."

I assume everything is different now...or is it still better to bring bottled water?

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The water in Tinuana is completely clean and potable now. They put in a water purity/filtration system a few years back but poeple still can't seem to accept that. But, no worries, it is safe. You can google it and you will see for yourself that it is fine now.

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What Ramona said ...

As a side note, all major chain hotels use purified water in there ice making machines now. :)

I drank the tap water in Tijuana, but even at the Marriott, they are hounding you with bottled water.

It's extremely accessible.

I always had a couple of bottles in my bag at all times.

I also drank lots and LOTS of apple juice at the hotel, and had ZERO tummy issues.

My boyfriend ate room service every single night (all of which, he had 'exotic' meals) and never had any issues.

So don't worry. :)

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I drank the bottled water, it was fine.

The water in the hotel was fine

The ice at the hotel was fine

If you get a chance pre-op. Go across the street to the convenience store and get a 2L bottle of apple juice. It's carbonated and is the best thing EVER...if I knew about it before I knew about pop, I'd have been drinking it all the time haha. Just try it once.

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