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I have an OCC Surgery Date

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Yip Yip Yip

I have an OCC surgery date. I feel so much better about my decision. Before I switched doctors I was really nervous about the surgery, but after talking to the OCC doctor I feel so much better. I know I'm in good hands.


Good Luck! The OCC rocks! By the way, can I just mention how impressed I am with your pre-op weight loss? That is amazing-- :)

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(((((((((((((((I love this site))))))))))))))))

I wish I would have met you all years ago. Thank you for the pre op weight loss compliment. In the past, I can get into the "grove" but eventually I lose my thunder. The last time I lost my thunder was in July of 08. I lost 90 lbs and then my mother died. (I miss my mom so much.) In my grief I gained about 20 lbs and then I just didn't care anymore.


So 50 lbs later I knew I had to do something. I know I have the will power to follow for a time but I need the band for the skill power (and this site) to keep me motivated and going.

I haven't been under 200 lbs since 1996. Part of me thinks it's a fear of attention (and not being invisible in a crowd) because I've been as low as 200.2 in the past few years.

I know I need to work on my social fears big time in addition to the band to pull this off, but I honestly believe that with the help of the band, I'm going to do it this time.

Plus live a longer life.


Thank you all so much.

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You will be "very well" taken care of at the OCC.

The doctors and staff are "concerned professionals" and treat you right.

They were there for my every sigh.....

From the moment you arrive at the airport....the clinic...the Lucerna.....all outstanding!

Wishing you all the best.


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