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upcoming March surgery

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Is it normal to cry at the very thought of being able to walk my dogs again without getting winded?

Is it normal to want to look forward to getting on the digital weight scale without having to plan for the cry-fest that has always followed it previously?

Is it normal to get so darn excited at the thought of someday being able to pick up something off the floor without squatting like a frog?

Is it normal to be happy about the fact that I may actually be able to shave my legs standing up now?

Is it normal to want to be intimate without feeling like a discovery channel?

Is it normal to want to be able to bend over and tie my shoes without unbuttoning my pants first?

Is it normal to want to be able to look at the current style without wondering to myself 'I wonder how that will look on a girl my size?' ?

Is it normal to want to look forward to swimsuit season?

Is it normal to want to want to fly on a plane without having the person assigned next to me rolling their eyes and grumbling when they see they have to sit next to me?

Is it normal to want to clean the house as I go rather than planning room by room so I dont have to climb the stairs too often and have to sit down?

Is it normal to think your upcoming surgery is being done by an absolute bonafide hottie? (hee hee hee, sorry, but you all know Dr. Ortiz is a cutie patootie!)

I HOPE ALL THESE THINGS ARE NORMAL BECAUSE HERE I COME !!!!!!!!!! :D Thank you to all the forum posts. I have my surgery coming March 24th and I am soooo very excited about the possibilities! I have learned much from this forum as well as other forums. Thank you to all of the veteran members for all their love and support they show for each other. There is a new life waiting out there for me and I am running to get it (well, maybe in about 6 weeks I will be running but for now I will be walking fast ;) )


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