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JENNIFER FROM THE OBESITYHELP.COM FORUM POSTED A GOOD LIST OF WEBSITES FOR GETTING YOUR PROTEIN SAMPLE PACKS. I was unable to include the links so click and paste into browser. If anyone has cheap sources of protein drink samples, please post them!

You've probably heard your tastes will change after surgery, so don't buy a big tub of any one protein powder. Here is a list of sites that offer protein samples at great prices. I ordered from several of these sites before surgery and I've been working my way through the samples.

The variety has made it easier to get my protein in, because I'm always excited to try the next flavor. And tastes are definitely different... a lot of people swear by the Nectar Syntrax but I can't stand them. Plus if not for the sample packs I wouldn't have discovered that early on the high protein hot chocolate was the easiest for me to get down.

You will probably have 3 protein drinks per day in the first month, so it's not unreasonable to buy quite a few of these. Definitely get the Nectars and the Chike samples because they are practically free, the Netrition pack has a great variety, and Unjury is very popular.



Samples $1.75 each



Sample all 5 flavors for only $3 shipping

Netrition Protein Sampler Pack

http://www4.netrition.com/netrition_protein_sampler_pack.htm l

Includes samples of 14 different proteins, including a New Whey 42 g protein bullet and Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Stack. 17.99.

Nectar Syntrax

You can get a box of all 11 nectar protein flavors directly from Syntrax for $4.99 plus $5.99 for shipping. Contact Rick Davis Medical Sales Manager nectar@si03.com 1-866-333-7403 ext. 803



Tons of samples of lots of different protein products from an OH member.

Smart Forme Early Phase Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Starter Kit https://www.smartforme.net/store/cart.php?m...ct_detail&p =6

One carton each of Chocolate and Vanilla Ready-to-Drink Shakes, Chicken Bouillon Soup, Cream of Tomato Soup, Wildberry Cold Drink, Peach Mango Cold Drink, Orange Cold Drink, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Chocolate Pudding/Shake, Vanilla Pudding/Shake and Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. $19.99

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