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Living 6 months with my band

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Hi everyone I read this forum all the time what great information I have got from this forum

Living with my band has been a great challeged some days are good and some days things just don't

go down right I do know when things don't go down Its my fault not the band's I still try and eat to fast

then thats when things get stuck I will be going to OCC on wed the 15th of july for my third fill I now no that things will

really change If I don't slow down

I can say I love this band without it I would of never been able to lose the weight that I have lost

I can't even rember when I ever workout in my life now I work out ever day not only at home

but at a gym never would of done that before.

I can never thank Jazzy Jude enough for all of her help and love during these 6 months

I was banded on the 12th of Jan 2009 with 65 pounds lost I hope to loose another 40 before Oct when I go on my cursie but we will have to see

how things go I try not to push it the weight will come off as long as Im doing my part

Thanks to all of you for all your help You been great


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DANG! I ALMOST got through the whole post without a tear! Love you right back darlin'!

Just remember, to look back as a lesson to learn that you've accomplished in succeeding a new life with new awareness to live a healthier lifestyle.

Also remember that this is NOT a race and you are NOT competing with anyone, except yourself. This is the time to enjoy yourself with a newfound yearning of new interests or getting back to what you've had before but with a better insight and results.

Like you, I've some good days and then not so good days...but I always have a "Plan B" to fall back on. Keep the focus and BELIEVE in yourself. You are doing FANTASTIC and I am SO PROUD of you! What a testimonial you are ~ YOU GO GIRL!


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Congrats on your success thus far! Pretty crazy how fast time flies huh!

Keep up the great work!

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