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Back in the Game!

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Hi All,

Went to the OCC today and it's the first time I've been there where it has been dead in the waiting room, just me and my dad. Still made me wait 40 minutes though to see the fill doc. :)

Anyway, thank you flouroscopy and the peace of mind it brings. After my last episode with the partial unfill, I'm back in the game with 2.4 cc's and my almost stretched pouch and irritation are a thing of the past. My band is positioned well, and the liquid was flowing through the stoma well. Back on liquids for two days. I'm fine with it. I hope I get some restriction back, though I pray never to have acid reflux/heartburn like that again. Waking up in the middle of the night with a mouth full of acid is bad times. The fill doc said there's a fine line between "sweet spot" and overfilled so, I opted for less, but may have to shell out another $100 in a month for a top off. It's worth it.

So, I did gain 7 pounds during those four weeks, but maybe because I could actually eat food again (I didn't realize how many foods I was avoiding like the plague because of pbing), my body dropped it during the unfill and now I'm exactly back to where I was a month ago. 202 lbs. I would really like to get under 200 by my one year on August 13th. I think it's doable.

I've realized that I'm a slow loser, but it took me almost six months to break a lifetime of bad habits (I still battle with them occasionally) so I only lost the 21 lbs. that I had on post-op. I know this is for life and the body doesn't magically shed the weight overnight. Anyone who thinks that's going to happen needs to check themselves. When the people on this board say you have to work with your band, it's the truth. Learn it, Love it, take care of it like you would an infant.

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Congratulations - I think you will be there by the end of July, if not by the end of next week!

I really hope so. It's crazy I gain and lose the same 3 pounds for awhile before I finally drop it. Thank you for your well wishes!

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Glad to hear it is all cleared up! I'm sure you will be there in no time! Good luck!

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