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pre-op diet

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It is a long hard process, you are going to want to eat BUT you are so worth all the happiness and healthly lifestyle that 2 or 3 weeks of hard work and mental anguish is WORTH IT!! Dont worry and make yourself sick if you dont lose all the weight that you need too, it just makes it worse. If you go into it with the attitude that you will do your best and stick to it, thats all one can ask for.

You can do this and you will lose the weight you need to!! :cheerleader:

I am cheering for you,


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Hi and good luck on your pre-op diet. I think if I did this ANYONE can do this..

I am not sure what you are doing but I started mine a little early. I was so scared that I would not loose the weight so I actually did my pre-op for 17 days and in those lost 16 lbs, which I was SO excited about. I had a shake for breakfast and lunch and the a lien cusisin (under 300 calories) for dinner.

The advise I would give to you is DO NOT weigh everyday. Set one day, say monday mornings at 7:00 and weigh at that time once a week. I would also start taking two fiber pills at 9am everyday with one chromium pill a day and then another 2 fiber pills at 3pm. This will cut down your hunger pains and trust me it WORKS!!!!!!. The first three days are the worst, get past these and down hill from there! Take one day at a time. Set you mind, ok today I am going to have a shake for breakfast, lunch and then a dinner at night. Try not to look at it as...I have another whole week to go. One day at a time helped me ALOT! Stay on this board as much as you can for support and advise, it does help to read and look at progress pics from others and to hear the success stories......

Good Luck to you, you can do this! :D


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I had teh sahakes for breakfast and lunch but I'm not a big fan of Lean Cuisines so I asked Dr. Miranda if I could make my own dinners and she have me the calorie/fat/protein guidelines and I found I had a lot of options and was able to eat larger portions! You just have to make sure you measure and weigh everything if you're making your own....the pre-mades make it simpler to keep track and maybe that's why they suggest them. You might want to ask her about this as the diet is difefrent for everyone.


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We know what you are going through! My 14 yr old daughter will be banded next week. She has done pretty well but is getting pretty bored with the diet but the excitement of the surgery is worth it she says!! Good luck

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