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10 day post-op stabbing pain

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Hi all. I was banded on July 16th and I am doing very well. I thought the experience at the Center was fabulous and my recovery has been uneventful!!!

I have a few questions relating to pain. When I getup from a comfy chair or couch or when I bend down, I sometimes get an excruciating pain in my midriff. It takes about a minute to go away.

Is this temporary? Will it affect the band--slippage, for example? Will it affect the healing to my stomach? Is there any way to avoid this?

Many thanks

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Yep, it has to do with your port area and that incision. Your band is located behind your sternum in the area between your breasts.

Congrats! I was banded on July 15th :) Doing great so far. Just yesterday I noticed that i wasn't getting those pains anymore. I am very sore around the port but the other incisions are fine. Sometimes when I am slumping at the computer it starts getting uncomfortable where the port is and directly down from it to my belly button (my surgeon put my port about 3 inches about my belly button). So from my experience it sounds like yours is right on too.

Today I have great energy and first time I really didn't want a nap at work! Good luck to you.

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