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So now I know. I ate a piece of sausage this morning. I have not been able to do that for some time. I even tested it and I know now that I am not tight at all. I am wondering if I lost fluid. There is no way I should have been able to eat that big a piece. My question is how could I be this stretched out? Where did the tightness go? Does it just get loose all the sudden? I wish I had a scale because she said if I lose weight it would get lose. But what else would make it do that? There is no way I should be able to eat like this. I am worried.

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This is EXACTLY my point in my earlier post. One day I can have sausage and eggs for breakfast, and a few days later, I can barely get my coffee down. I can't keep running for a fill every time I can eat too much and then running out for an unfill when I have a tight day. If you solve the mystery, let me know!!!


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I have a book that says the loose-ness could be caused by the loss of the fatty tissue that occurs naturally around the upper part of the stomach and is actually inside the band and decreases as we lose weight. As that fat goes away, the stomach channel has room to expand even though the band has the same amount of fluid in it. That situation requires a fill adjustment. Now, I do not think that is the cause of the come and go tightness that Sabrina is talking about but it certainly could be the cause of sudden looseness that does not tighten back up again.

I would still wait awhile just to be certain you really have "no restriction" over a series of days. You do not want to go in for a fill and then be too tight and have to go for an unfill. Good luck.

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