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half a tea cup of food 3 x a day with no snacks?

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I just found a bunch of papers from my surgery. Does that amount of food sound right? Or was that just for when I started back on solids? It seems so little. Maybe all the worry I have around how little I can eat on my "tight" days isn't something I should be worried about after all- maybe it's how I'm supposed to be eating every day. But how on earth can you get to 1000 cals on that amount?


ps- can you tell I have a lot of time on my hands this wekend? I'm in a posting frezny while kiddies are away!

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Dr. Miranda told me 1200 to 1500 calories a day. When I was a smidge too tight about a month ago I was only able to take in about 3 bites of food at a time also. When I talked to my fill doctor who is a surgeon who does the lapband, I asked if this is what I should be eating, he said no, you should be able to eat a small plate of food at each meal. Which when measured out usually comes out to be about a cup. I try to eat 3-4 oz of meat and then 2 oz of veggies and then I usually have to stop, but if you were able to get about 2 oz of carbs in, then you are at about a cup.

I think the question for you also is whether or not you are having pain or discomfort when the food tries to pass through the stoma? I was having pain when the food would try to go through so I knew that I was probably too tight. I let it go for about 6 weeks thinking at first it was normal and then thinking that it would pass. Then I started getting worried because I had read some posts from people who were too tight for too long and started having swelling and it was becoming quite uncomfortable to eat anything. I went in and he took .3 out, waited about 4 weeks and went back and had .2 put back in and now I am perfect and losing again.

Maybe you should email Dr. Miranda and get her take on how much you are eating and she could probably give you some insight on whether or not you need a slight unfill. I have emailed her on several things and found her to be very helpful. Hope this helps.

Good luck and take care,


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