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What is the best brand of scale?

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I thought I had a pretty good scale until I went into the Dr. Saturday. I was ecstatic to learn I weighed 7lbs less at the Dr. then on my scale at home. When I weighed myself prior to surgery it was at the Dr.'s office. I learned that Saturday, I have lost 48lbs and also have 2lbs to lose until I hit 50 (and also puts me at 199 woohoo Onederland!). I feel amazing! Does anyone have an accurate scale that seems to be at the same weight as at the Dr's office?

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That is so cool that you weigh seven pounds less than you thought you did. Congratulations! It does sound like you need a new scale.

I have a digital Taylor scale I bought at Costco last year that works good. Before I bought that one I had a regular (not digital) scale that worked good too. I DO NOT keep my scale in the bathroom though, all that moisture and humidity is not good for the electronics and the working metal parts.

But, you know there are always going to be weight variances between scales for many reasons, clothing/shoes, different time of day, fluid/food retention, etc.

Ideally you should only weigh yourself on the same scale, placed on the same hard (no carpet),even floor surface, at the same time of day and in the same type of clothing or without clothing.

I like my digital scale because I no longer have to step on and off over and over again to make sure that the pointer is set on zero.


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Hmm thanks for the feedback. Maybe I should just continue going by my scale. It is also a Taylor digital scale. I do keep it in the bathroom. Maybe I should move it elsewhere. I swear I get so addicted to weighing. I have been doing a lot better and only weigh in about every 3 days rather than numerous times a day haha.

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