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Bad Band Day

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I think that I have finally been at my sweet spot for about a month now and things have been going well until today. For some reason my band has been super super tight today. I ate about 3 bites of lunch and felt that closing up feeling so I stopped eating to wait it out. Well it didn't go away and continued to get worse. I am so thankful that I have my own office at work because after standing at the sink for about 20 minutes sliming I thought things were easing up a little bit. Wrong! At one point I was sitting in my chair resting my forehead on my desk and spitting into the trashcan underneath me. Sorry to be so graphic but it is really nice to be able to share this with people who know exactly what I am talking about. It has lasted pretty much the entire afternoon. I was finally able to get liquids down but have to go super super slow. I have never had a day like this before with my band. I didn't PB but I was sure uncomfortable, and continue to be so to some extent.

I am not really sure what the deal is. I am not even going to try solid foods for the rest of the day. I am sipping on soup right now and will play tomorrow by ear. I have had a super stressful day today so I am pretty sure that has played a big part in it. I really hope tomorrow it is much better. I don't even want to start thinking about needing to go for an unfill.

Thanks for empathizing with me!


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Oh Dawn--those types of experiences make you wonder if it will ever work itself out. I find it hard to concentrate on anything else, especially at work. Also, often wonder where all of the "slime" comes from. I think sometimes I must be an "over-producer"--haha. Good grief!! I think you are right to take it easy the next day or so. Hang in there, kid!

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Ohhh i'm so sorry you had to go through that! I betcha the stress had a lot to do with it. I've gotten stuck, but fortunately never anything close to that. Take it easy and make a nice soup tonight and maybe some oatmeal or applesauce in the morning to see how it goes.

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