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1/2 cup liquids?

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It is 6 days since I was banded and I am wondering if I :huh: can drink as many 1/2 cup amounts of liquids as I want how long do I wait inbetween? and if it takes me 25 min to drink a cup of tea is the water just not going straight out? Any advice would be great!!

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Hi sweetie - Congrats and Welcome to Bandland! Yes, you can drink as many 1/2 cup of liquids during your clear liquids and creamy soup stages, throughout the day. There's no calories counting during this time. Don't gulp it down, but drink leasurely and really there's no time limit, but I would say within 20 minutes, for any liquid 'meals'. Water, tea, coffee and the likes, whenever you can, as long as you drink your daily intake. Water is really good for you to help 'flush' out your system right after surgery.

Remember to sip, sip, sip, and walk, walk walk! Take mini, short walks, not long ones.

Best of luck! Jazzy!!

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