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Hi Jen,

I just wanted to extend a congratulations on your band day! Can't wait to hear/read all about it!

All the best,


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Hi everyone, I am officially a bandster now!!!! Was the first to arrive at the OCC and the last to get banded. It is such an amazing experience and Dr. O is just a nice as he is good looking!!! I felt so taken care of I didn't have any qualms at all!

I did have pretty significant pain when I first came out...they kept me pretty pumped up with painkillers so I didn't actually get up and walk until middle of the night.

Today some other bandsters and mum and I went over to the mall to shop, had lunch and dinner then just sat in the lobby of the Lucerna and chatted. I haven't taken anything more than a Tylenol before I went shopping. I am going to take a pain pill from the clinic so I can get some decent sleep.

I'll write more when I feel a little less spacey!!

Thanks everyone for all of your well wishes!!

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