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24 August 2009


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Another terrible day...I am sooo tired from a busy first day at work where I barely had time to eat. I only got bites here and there so lunch is a two parter.

B: Protein shake (about 1/2)

L: Few bites of tuna and a few cheese cubes

L: Three bites of a hamburger patty and a few chips which I PB'ed

D: Lo mein - got a few bites in and again PB'ed

Exercise - was on my feet running around campus all day moving boxes, setting up tables and putting out fires. My arms are like jello so i'm considering that a workout!

Water: X X X X X

Total calories: 600 i'm guessing can't get anything down. Work is so stressful and it isn't gonna get any better anytime this week. Taking soup and soft foods to work tomorrow to try to get some calories in. Bleh! Can I just win the lottery please! :)

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