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25 August 2009


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Still super tight, but getting better!

B: light apple juice

S: townhouse crackers (about 10) and laughing cow cheese (2 wedges)

L: mini ravioli - took me almost an hour to eat less than a cup but it went down

S: chips and salsa w/ cheese dip

D: ate a few bites of my niece's cheese pizza she didn't want

S: 2 glasses of vodka and cranberry

Exercise - another day of moving boxes and running all over campus. My arms feel like jello so i'm taking it easy.

Water: X X X (working on it as we speak I am really behind on that today!)

Calories so far - 900

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I would love to add but today I have had

B= peppermint teaand a yop took 2 hrs

L= cream of chicken soup

D = protein shake

still really tight and on liquids but I see the Dr tomorrow.

Good luck at the Dr. tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

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