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151 pounds lost...and ONEderland!!

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OMG, Holly, that is INCREDIBLE what you have lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to lose 131, you give me hope!!!! I would love to hear about your journey and the things that you did to do that...how long did that take you? I was just banded by Dr. O on the 19th of this month so I am just starting out and have actually gained 4 pounds on this liquid hell faze...if you could PM me and give me some of your journey details I would be grateful for the inspiration...that is just an amazing thing!!! CONGRATULATIONS girl!!!!!!

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That is absolutely fantastic! Great job! =D>

Keep up the fantastic work!

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WOW!!! You are an inspiration!

If you don't mind me asking, what was your weight at surgery? How long did this take for you? :)

I weighed 351 when I started the paperwork process in December of 07...298 by surgery day on Feb 08, 2008...197.8 as of this morning. :D

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Hi Holly,

I know I have already posted, but reading your message this morning,

well you are doing phenomenal. :lb21:


You are truly an inspiration....


Thank you!!!

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