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31 August 2009


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4 - 8 oz cups of coffee with FF creamer and equal (ugh Monday can you feel me!) 100 cals?

Quaker Lower sugar Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal 120 cals

20 oz of water

1 cup grilled chicken ?

3 teaspoons of super yummo BBQ sauce ?

20 oz of Green Tea Honey and Lemon sugar free

3 Italian meat balls

2 slices of grilled zucchini

1/2 a corn on the cob

20 oz of water

protein candy bar - 17 g protein 170 cals

20 oz of water

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4 oz. Water with Liquid Vitamin

8 oz. Water with 4 insides of Juice Plus capsules

8 oz. Water with Pure Energy Greens

12 oz. Water with Crystal Light

10:30am 1.5 oz. tuna with salt and pepper

12:00pm a few more bites of my tuna

1:00 100 calorie pack

2:00pm 8 oz. Water with Pure Energy Greens

3:45pm 20 cashew halves

4:30pm 8 oz. Water with Pure Energy

5:45pm 1/2 c. chilli with light sour cream and chopped onions

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Good Monday to Everyone!

So far so good today!

B - 5 Whole Wheat Crackers (very thin and crunchy) with a thin peice of Turkey lunch meat

S- South Beach diet Protien Bar

L- Shrimp Etoufee (was more like a Gumbo, made it last night, recipe from Sparkpeople.com YUMM, low calories and lots of veggies)

S- plum

D-TBD - Most likey will be Shrimp Etoufee

CRAVED Ice Cream last night, went to bed instead...Today is Monday! I get my hair done on Mondays and it is SOOOO hard to drive past Marble Slab (Ice Cream Shop) EVERY monday without stopping. Have not stopped in like 3 weeks, going to try very hard to pass it up today as well, my Ice Cream Craving has not went away!

2- cups coffee

Water, :-( No water today, going to work on that the rest of the day~!


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B: EAS protein shake (about 1/2 of it)

L: Soup at hand tomato bisque

S: Cheese stick & one mini crunch bar (bad!)

S: Made a thing of mini raviolis but got tight after a few bites and quit

D: Pre cooked mini shrimp with a little bit of Bummel & Brown butter and garlic powder and some chips and salsa

Calories so far: 900

Exercise - Ran 3 miles

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