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Tight or full

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Ive been reading Dr Ortiz book and really focusing on working this band and measuring this week. Its really been helping but what I've realized is I dont know if I'm starting to get tight or is it the feeling of fullness when I'm eating. Either way, I stop... slow down and then realize I'm not hungry. Its not lasting that long though. I feel as if I can eat again in the next 2-3 hours again. So I'm keeping my fill appt on Monday because I feel I need more restriction inbetween meals.

Am I getting the hang of this?

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They are one and the same for me - just cues to listen to and act on.

For many of us the "I'm full" sign is differant. You need to find out what yours is and listen to it. (It can also change after a fill).



Thanks Lisa

I agree.. I think they are the same for me as well. I just need a tiny bit more help in feeling restricted. I dont feel I'm quite there yet.

Even though my numbers have not been encouraging...I do feel I'm close to my sweet spot so I can move on to losing wt.

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