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left shoulder pain

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Although left shoulder pain from gas is common right after surgery, a lot of bandsters still suffer from it months or even years after surgery. It's not from gas when you are that far out from surgery but feels the same. My understanding is that it can be caused by the band putting pressure on the diaphragm, which agrivates the phrenic nerve. For some people it is very painful. I get the shoulder pain, but mine is off and on and not very painful- just more of a dull ache. Anyway, if you also suffer from this I just heard that 2 mgs of sub-lingual B12 every morning may help. I'm going to try that and see if it works and I will report back.


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I have this left shoulder pain and at times it is worse than others. My shoulder pain is when I am very hungry (not stomach hungry)usally always after 4 pm, very seldom in the morning time. Its weird, I dont get stomach hungry any more, when Im REALLY hungry, my shoulder always lets me know. If I am not in the "mood" to eat something, a cup of coffee will always to the trick for me. It stops the pain as soon as I start drinking it.

Thanks for sharing!~


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My shoulder pain is worse when I am hungry and is bad when I'm between lunch and dinner with no snack. It's been better lately, but until about 6 months after my surgery I wondered if I could take it. I'm glad I stuck it out but it was bad for a while.

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