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sept 6/09


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B- coffee with flavoured hazlenut creamer then an hour later, 1 cup vanilla yogurt and berries

L- mini tin of garlic and pepper tuna, half an apple

S- tomato broth with franks hot sauce..... it's SO cold today, brrrr!!!

D- went to a movie and had a kids popcorn and I have to be up at 3am so I'm going to make that my dinner and try for a healthier meal tomorrow night! I hate eating just before bed, which is hard when bed time is 7pm.

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B: None, slept in again - love holidays!!!!

S: Potato chips (bad!!)

L: WW chicken alfredo

D: Thin crust cheese pizza

S: Two glasses of vodka and cranberry

Calories so far: 1,000

Exercise - getting into a training routine b/c my 5k is coming up! Doing arms and abs tonight. Tomorrow is a running day!

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